Ben And Jerrys Flavor Graveyard

Ben & Jerry’s Flavor Graveyard Is A Delicious Place For The Dead

If you’re a big fan of Ben & Jerry’s older flavors that are no longer available you can finally get some closure thanks to the Ben & Jerrys flavor graveyard in Waterbury, Vermont.

Setup by Ben & Jerry the flavor graveyard features actual gravestones for flavors are eventually died off and are no longer available. In some cases people simply didn’t want to eat the flavor offered, in other cases the ingredients needed to make the ice cream flavors simply became too expensive to purchase, even in mass quantities.

The most tasty of the former flavors are accompanied by poems for example the poem for Rainforest Crunch reads:

“That nutty brittle from exotic places got sticky in between our braces. 1989-1996.”

The flavor graveyard is not just a simple way to remember your old favorites or to learn about the company’s history, if a certain flavor receives new attention from customers it could potentially be resurrected and given shelf live on stores around the country once again.

On the other hand not every single flavor is a winner, for example the Sugar Plum option has been called “dreaded.”

Ben & Jerry’s fans can visit the flavor graveyard in virtual form here and if they get the urge they can visit the real flavor graveyard in Waterbury, Vermont where some mourners have been witnessed leaving flowers for their favorite flavors.

According to Ben & Jerry’s PR guru ” Sean Greenwood”

“It’s not uncommon. You walk up to the graveyard here, and there’ll be fans that are up here putting flowers next to a headstone, or down on one knee, kind of paying their respects.”