2015 Emmy Red Carpet Sizzles In Finery And Raging Temperatures

Everyone turns out in their best for the red carpet. They find the beautiful and hopefully the comfortable, but for most that’s probably not true. There are bright colors to go with the stunning red carpet and then there is the stunning boldness of a suit in any color. The 67th Emmy Awards were held on Sunday night and this truth was upheld for certain.

The stars and the clothes were sizzling, and that is partially meant in the literal sense. Temperatures soared as the red carpet was traversed, reaching near 100 degrees according to FOX News. E! correspondent and red carpet host, Guiliana Rancic, lamented that is had gotten as hot as 106 degrees in her interview area. And yet the men came dressed in full suits and the women decked out in floor length gowns. The temperatures were obviously a topic hit upon during the red carpet interviews, but overall, the stars and hosts found things to smile about and enjoy. Ricky Gervais was comfortable enough to begin unbuttoning his shirt, but nothing scary really appeared.

The stars handled the heat and sweat with grace, just so we could break down who wore what and who wore it best; the pivotal and most important question for any starlet gracing the infamous red carpet. Or is it? Harper’s Bazaar reported on a movement to change what is talked about on the red carpet. Amy Poehler began an organization called Smart Girls and for this year’s Emmy Awards, they’ve partnered with the Television Academy and Twitter using the hashtag, #SmartGirlsAsk. The movement gives users a chance to pose some interesting questions. Fashion will likely always be the center of any red carpet – who doesn’t like to look at the wardrobe choices to cheer and/or jeer – but it doesn’t have to be all that is expected from the stars.

This movement is allowing casts and crews across the board to sizzle in a completely different yet somehow similar vein. Questions were asked by celebrities and non-celebrities alike, and they were answered in video format live from the red carpet.

Below are some of the interesting things the stars were able to discuss.

The questions ranged from thought provoking to entertaining, and all were well received and enjoyed.

What do you think? Should #SmartGirlsAsk reign supreme? Or should talk just go back to the finery of the wardrobe?

[Image Credit to Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images for TheWrap]