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Man Eating Victim’s Face Shot Dead By Police

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A man was shot dead in downtown Miami today after he was found eating another man’s face.

According to Local 10, a police officer approached the naked, and possibly drugged up man, at a downtown causeway off-ramp. When the officer realized what was happening he quickly stepped back and grabbed his gun.

Fraternal Order of Police President Armando Aguilar said:

“When the officer approached him, told him to stop, pointed a gun at him. He turned around and growled like a wild animal and kept eating at the mans face.”

According to the Belfast Telegraph, the victim lost part of his ear, cheek and nose in the attack. The man was taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital and is currently in critical condition.

Larry Vega, who witnessed the attack, told Local 10:

“When I looked forward, there’s a guy on top of another person, eating him up like, just tearing, tearing his face apart… It’s going to take some time to forget. I never thought I would see someone else eating someone. It was really, really horrific.”

The police have not released the identities of either man. The Miami Police Department confirmed that there had been a shooting but did not give the exact details.

According to Vega, the unidentified officer shot the attacker four times after the man refused to back away from the victim. Vega said:

“The police officer confronted the aggressor, and he was like a rabid dog and confronted the officer. Then the officer shot the person four times.”

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22 Responses to “Man Eating Victim’s Face Shot Dead By Police”

  1. Brenda Boling Shewokis

    WTF Is wrong with people! This is SICK!

  2. Angelina Benningfield

    Omg! That is so gross! What was wrong with that guy??

  3. Anonymous

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  4. Lee DeGaugh

    John Peterman will like this one. Go to Miami Johnny boy!

  5. Natasha Lovee Acosta

    That's crazy! Going to have nightmares tonight.

  6. Natasha Lovee Acosta

    It's not fake , because it actually happened, why would they put a fake story LIKE THIS all over the news

  7. Queen Fly-Stone

    I was so surprised to see that the perpetrator was… oh, nevermind.
    Anywayz… VEEEEERY sad, sick and disgusting!

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