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Technorati, Feedburner Suffer Technical Difficulties


Popular blogging services Feedburner and Technorati as both currently experience service difficulties.

RSS tracking service Feedburner has dramatically reduced reported subscriptions across a range of blogs, including The Inquisitr. Zoli Erdos reports that FeedBurner is missing Google FeedFetcher stats, the number of users who read a blog in Google Reader. The usual early morning feed count update was delayed today with the service reporting 0 subscribers for longer that usual, perhaps while attempting to gather Google subscription data. We can only wait until tomorrow to see if the issue will be corrected.

Technorati at the time of writing has not updated incoming links for the last day. The oldest incoming links on a range of blogs show 1 day, and nothing newer. Incoming link counts have been affected, with data showing lower rankings for sites, perhaps showing historical data from a backup server. Allen Stern from Centernetworks noted on FriendFeed that this happens fairly regularly, although usually a refresh fixes the problem, where as today the data is just stuck there.

If we hear anything on either story, we’ll update this post.


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3 Responses to “Technorati, Feedburner Suffer Technical Difficulties”

  1. Dorion Carroll

    Duncan, thank you for blogging about this. We are working on the issue. I have posted to the Technorati Weblog.

    “Technorati is experiencing a problem with our search result updating infrastructure. We continue to crawl and save data, however, post search results are stale and temporarily stuck at about 3pm Pacific Fri. Aug 15. Link results (reactions) are stuck at Thu. Aug 14.

    We have identified the root cause and are actively working on the issue. We expect to have the system caught up during the evening hours.

    No data is being lost, but the most recent posts and reactions are not reflected in results at the moment.”

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