Michigan Wildfire Grows To Over 21,000 Acres

Melissa Stusinski

A wildfire burning in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, has grown by 17 percent to over 21,000 acres on Saturday, as crews attempt to battle the fast-moving blaze.

The Michigan National Guard is welcoming help from water-dumping aircraft in an effort to contain the blaze, according to MSNBC Today.

The fire is being compared to the Sleeper Lake Fire, which burned in 2007, taking out more than 18,000 acres in the same area, reports the AP. Ed Gloder, the DNR spokesman, stated that the fire nearly doubled overnight Thursday, reaching Lake Superior’s southern shore on Friday.

Beverly Holmes, Newberry village manager, who was driving on a highway east of town told the AP that:

“The whole sky is just smoke. It’s like a heavy fog.”

Officials warned on Saturday of tough conditions, including wind gusts predicted at 15 mph, as well as high temperatures, according to MSNBC Today. Access to the fire has been tricky, because there are few roads in that area, which is close to Tahquamenon Fall State Park. The park, a popular destination for campers, has been closed.

My Fox DFW reports that MDNS stated about the fire, named The Duck Lake Fire, that:

“Structure protection is high priority and is being closely monitored from the air. Air tankers and the helicopter will be focusing efforts on the segment of the east flank near Little Lake Harbor and Pike Lake.”

The AP reports that the fire began Wednesday, after a lightning strike, and fire was seen burning the tops of trees, spreading north on Thursday. Authorities stated Saturday that the blaze is about 20 percent contained.