Seattle Seahawks Turn Down HBO’s ‘Hard Knocks’

The Seattle Seahawks have turned down an opportunity to be on HBO’s “Hard Knocks” series, which is a summer reality series about NFL teams and training camps.

The HBO series has been hard-pressed to find another team for its 2012 season, and the Seahawks have reportedly turned down the possibility of being on the show.

PFT’s Michael David Smith wrote, according to the Seahawks site that:

“Schneider said the Seahawks weren’t formally offered the spot, but that when they were approached, they decided they didn’t want to do it.”

Pete Carroll, the Seattle team’s head coach, explained on Friday why they refused the gig. reports that Carroll stated:

“That’s just not going to suit what we’re trying to get done here. I think it’s a great show, I love watching it, I loved Rex (and) the Bengals.”

He went on to say of the Seattle Seahawks’ turning the show down that:

“I just don’t want to put that in the middle of our process. We’re trying to win football games and hopefully we can entertain that way than rather on the show. It’s just not our style here.”

The Seahawks GM John Schneider went on Pro Football Talk Live on Wednesday to let fans know the team would not be participating, according to SBNation.

Seattle PI’s Nick Eaton wrote of the news that:

“I’m not surprised the Seahawks declined. Schneider and head coach Pete Carroll like to sometimes make a splash — think first-round draft choice Bruce Irvin — but they don’t particularly like being under the microscope. Especially if the image is broadcast on national TV.”

He went on to say that:

“But hey, it would have been cool, right? The Seahawks have a lot of interesting stories this offseason, including in no small part a three-way competition for starting quarterback among Matt Flynn, Tarvaris Jackson and Russell Wilson.”

Would you have liked to see the Seattle Seahawks on this summer’s season of “Hard Knocks?”