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Tim Tebow Heckled With ‘Lolo’ Chants By New Teammates

The New York Jets are making their new quarterback feel right at home. Tim Tebow, an outspoken Christian who is saying no to sex until marriage, was playfully ridiculed by his new teammates after practice yesterday. The Jets chanted LoLo as Tebow entered the locker room, referencing Lolo Jones, an Olympic athlete who recently revealed that she was also a virgin.

Kevin Armstrong wrote on Twitter:

“For the track/Lolo Jones junkies: When Tebow entered locker room today, several Jets players started chanting, “Lolo! Lolo!”

After Lolo Jones revealed that she was still a virgin on HBO’s Real Sports, track and football fans immediately started calling for the track star to meet the Jets quarterback. After the Lolo chants, Jones wrote on Twitter:

“Ask Tebow if he wants a glass of milk. If he says yes, ask him if he prefers chocolate. if he says no, then no more Tebow date suggestions.”

Jones, who frequently uses Twitter, has defended her recent statements over the last couple of days. Some have called her a hypocrite for posing nearly nude in ESPN’s body issue. Jones responded:

“Go to a museum & look at naked pictures/statues of ppl & its considered art but what I did is not? u see no parts exposed… Ryan hall is another christian. He’s done missions in africa & posed in latest issue. Shall u judge him as well? John 8:7.”

And in response to TMZ making fun of her for being a virgin, she wrote:

“I’ve seen Celebs get teased less for releasing a sex tapes.”

Do you think Lolo Jones and Tim Tebow should date? Do you think people should stop worrying about the sex lives of athletes?