Jason Pierre-Paul Hand: Video, Pictures Reveal Extent Of New York Giants Star's Mangled Hand

Jason Pierre-Paul Hand: Video, Pictures Reveal Extent Of New York Giants Star’s Mangled Hand

Jason Pierre-Paul showed off his injured hand this week, with video giving a glimpse of the mangled hand that has kept him off the field so far this year.

The New York Giants star was injured on a Fourth of July mishap, with a firework exploding in his hand and damaging a number of fingers. While it was initially reported that Jason Pierre-Paul lost one finger in the accident, new reports indicate that it may be much worse.

A team physical reportedly revealed that he is also missing part of his right thumb, along with damage to other fingers.

Though he has been largely silent on the matter to date, this week Jason Pierre-Paul posted video of his hand, which has been captured to show the extent of the injuries.

Pierre-Paul posted the video on Instagram, showing one of his workouts. In the video, the defensive lineman is seen pulling a weighted sled, with some of the video showing off his injured hand.

Pierre-Paul also wrote about his desire to return to the field, and a message seemingly for those who doubt he will be able to return to his Pro Bowl form.

God can turn any situation around for the better. Your hard times will lead to the best times of your life. Don’t believe the hype… Be back soon! #90PC #ImAFighter #PutMeInCoach

But the video and pictures also show that Jason Pierre-Paul has extensive damage to his hand. Though the video itself is blurry, one screen capture showed a very clearly injured hand.

As Business Insider noted, the injury could be a big detriment to Jason Pierre-Paul getting back onto the field.

“Playing games may be another issue. Former NFL player Hugh Douglas described how difficult it would be for Pierre-Paul to play games while missing a finger, saying, ‘That’s your grabbing hand, to not have an index finger it makes it hard to grab.’ “

The picture and video of Jason Pierre-Paul’s hand may not reveal the extent of the damage, either. Though the video shows him able to go through workouts, reports indicate that Pierre-Paul has dropped considerable weight during his recovery and may need more time to get back into playing shape. He and the Giants remain locked in a contract impasse.

[Image via Instagram / Jason Pierre-Paul]