Justin Bieber Plays 'Baby' With Bryan Adams

Watch Justin Bieber Duet With Bryan Adams On ‘Baby’ [Video]

Oh, Canada! Justin Bieber and Bryan Adams performed “Baby” in Germany at the “Universal Inside 2015” conference on Tuesday. Later, the older superstar defended the Biebs at his Instagram page. More on that below.

The unlikely all-Canadian duet took place when Justin Bieber and Bryan Adams partnered spontaneously on the heartthrob’s 2010 signature hit “Baby” during Universal Music Group’s annual meeting in Berlin’s Mercedes-Benz Arena.

Both artists are signed to labels parented by UMG.

As seen in the video above and in footage here and here Bryan, 55, played guitar while Justin, 21, sang. Adams chimed in on “Baby’s” familiar chorus.

According to Bild and Klatsch-tratsch, Justin was a surprise guest and a happy one. Apparently, the young singer smiled a lot onstage and introduced himself telling the audience [gist], “I’m happy to be here. It’s a bit unusual, because I usually play to much younger audiences. But you [guys] are great too. You’re a good-looking crowd.”

Then, the Biebs kicked off the first of three songs, opening with his current smash single, “What Do You Mean?” then seguing to “Hold Tight” and “Baby,” which is where Adams came in. After the duet wrapped, the pair reportedly embraced while the audience honored them with a standing ovation.

Justin also took part in a Q&A session alongside Frank Briegmann, Universal Music Group International’s president of Central Europe. The latter reportedly gave the Biebs a skateboard.

Post-performance, Bryan shared an Instagram video of Justin performing a skateboarding trick.

His caption read, “Mid-air Skateboarder @justinbieber in Berlin #bryanadamsgetup,” with the link to the clip.

Mid-air Skateboarder @justinbieber in Berlin #bryanadamsgetup

A video posted by @bryanadams on

Among the mostly pleasant comments, some online users posted abusive remarks about Bieber. Adams responded to one such user, writing, “@torentinno us Canadians stick together.”

Meanwhile, over on Bieber’s Twitter he tagged Adams, writing, “Great times.”

Justin Bieber

Justin arrived in Berlin on Monday as part of his comeback and short press tour in Europe to promote “Mean” and his new album, which is set to touch down on November 13. He has already moved on to Paris, France where more interviews await.

Adams’ new album, Get Up, is due for release on October 16.

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[Image via Universal Music Group]