Brandi Glanville

Brandi Glanville Admits Mistake, Tells Girls To Concentrate On Career And Being An Individual Over Finding A Man

Brandi Glanville has issued a warning to her female fans: concentrate on yourself instead of being obsessed with finding a man and getting married. On Friday, Brandi, who was on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills for four seasons, admitted that she should have done that herself when she was younger.

Brandi tweeted for her female fans to learn from her mistakes. She told them to not worry about an engagement and wedding ring but on their careers. She also reminded them how important it is to keep their individual identity prior to and while in a relationship.

Brandi Glanville married actor Eddie Cibrian in 2001 and together, they have two sons. Unfortunately for Brandi, her marriage ended after Eddie began and continued an affair with country singer LeAnn Rimes, his co-star for a 2009 TV movie. Brandi and Eddie’s divorce was finalized in 2010. Eddie and LeAnn, who was also married at the time of the affair but then got a divorce to be with Eddie, married in 2011.

Brandi has been very vocal about how dependent, particularly financially, she was on Eddie during their marriage. In 2012, Brandi told Celebuzz that her book, Don’t Drink and Tweet … and Brandi’s Other Breakup Blunders, serves as a warning to others.

“It’s a cautionary tale about breaking up. I spent 13 years with Eddie, and I came out of it with no credit, nothing. My name wasn’t on any of our houses, not the boat, not the cars … and I came out of that marriage having to ask my dad to co-sign a loan for me so I could get a car. I had to pay my rent upfront for the year, in order for me to get the house — and that was basically all of the money I got in the divorce settlement. It was a really big wakeup call for me.”

She said that she tells her younger friends how important it is to be able to stand on their own two feet.

“With my younger friends, I just tell them, be an individual first. Make sure you have your name on everything. Have your own job. Have your own life. Don’t make it about the other person 100 percent.”

Brandi Glanville is now supporting herself and her two sons without a big Bravo paycheck. Brandi, who was on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills as a “friend” on Season 2 and as a starring housewife on Seasons 3 through 5, confirmed in June that she decided to leave the show after being only offered a part-time role on the upcoming season. Yet viewers may still see her on the show sometime in the future. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Brandi said in July that Bravo asked her to keep the show in mind and she likewise would never say never to a return.

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