Kim Richards

‘Real Housewives’ Kim Richards Hurting Her Case By Seeking Drugs In Public

Though Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Kim Richards is taking to social media to promise fans that she is sober, it is less than convincing when she is caught on camera trolling Los Angeles smoke shops looking for the prescription drug Xanax. With two court cases pending, this isn’t looking good.

The Inquisitr has reported that Kim Richards has recently turned down a plea offer that would save her from jail on the charges that she was drunk in public and assaulted a police officer after locking herself in the bathroom of the hotel bar in Beverly Hills.

TMZ broke the story that Richards is in a desperate state, visiting smoke shops a number of times last week and asking each for the anxiety drug Xanax. A source told TMZ that smoke shop employees were very confused, because prescription drugs are not sold at the smoke shops, but Richards insisted that a family member told her she could buy the drug there.

Richards insists she needs the drug for her foot injury that she used with the court, but Xanax is a sedative, and not a pain reliever or an anti-inflammatory.

Reality Tea is reporting that only an addict would publicly swear she was sober after leaving rehab early, and then go door to door seeking drugs for an injury that should be treated by a doctor, not a smoke shop employee. They are reporting that after asking for Xanax at the various shops, Richards would not take no for an answer when the employees told her they did not sell drugs.

They are also reporting that Richards had until today to provide the court with proof of the foot injury that Richards claimed kept her from appearing in court. Sadly, smoke shops don’t give out a doctor’s note, either.

The stories surrounding Kim Richards just keep getting stranger and stranger. Fans are hoping that her family can convince her to surrender to an inpatient facility soon.

Do you think Real Housewives Kim Richards will finally admit she needs professional help before she ends up in jail?

[Photo courtesy of Ben Horton / Getty Images]