‘Growing Up Hip-Hop’ From WeTV Goes Inside The Hip-Hop World – #GUHH [Video]

Legends of the hip-hop world can be soon forgotten if they leave the spotlight and do not look back. One way of catching up with them and seeing how their kids are coping with the limelight and their lives, is by watching WeTV’s new show, “Growing Up Hip-Hop“. There are plenty of hip-hop stars that have started to raise families and make sure that their kids know values and life lessons that they may have not learned early enough. They want to make sure that their children see just what the limelight is all about.

Featuring a cast that will make all hip-hop artist fans swoon, the show will follow the day to day lives of these hip-hop families and give a bigger glimpse into what goes on within the household of a hip-hop artist. Containing such hip-hop and music stars as Master P, Sandra “Pepa” Denton, Damon Dash, El DeBarge, and more, the series looks to take a documentary type lens into the homes and houses of famous stars. The idea is to let people see just what happens behind the scenes of a hip-hop artist’s lifestyle and show just how much work it takes to make it out of your famous parent’s shadow.

Growing Up Hip-Hop is a reality show version of the hit show Empire. While that show is made to be dramatic to drum up ratings, Growing Up Hip-Hop takes a hard look at just what kids of artists really have to go through, and how they end up taking their own path. Some of the children want to follow in their parent’s footsteps and others do not. The big drama here is how their parents will go about accepting their choices and their wants and needs for their own futures.

The Hollywood Reporter reports that because hip-hop is such a popular genre and has created a whole lifestyle around it, there should only be a show that focuses solely on that and the lifestyle of people living the real path. Growing Up Hip-Hop is set to premiere on WeTV sometime later this year, though there is still no date as to when it will officially be on. The fact of the matter is, if you are a fan of the genre and you loved some of these artists, you will want to tune in to see just what their family lives are like, and just maybe, see a future star in the making.

[Image via Growing Up Hip-Hop/WeTV]