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Parents Put Child In Washing Machine at Public Laundromat [Video]


A parent’s worst nightmare happened at the laundromat this week, when a father was playing with his son when he placed him inside one of the washing machines. The door to the machine closed and locked and the automatic cycle began with the boy trapped inside. The parents freaked out and started banging on the door and trying to get the door open. When they realized he was spinning away they got an attendant who unplugged the machine and opened the door according to the Huffington Post.

According to Real Talk NY, the child escaped with only minor bruising (watch video below).

As awful as it is, this is not such an isolated incident. Children get stuck in washing machines all the time.

Sometimes the results are not as positive. Recently, a 1 year old boy was trapped inside a top loading washer at his house and he drowned.

Tiffany Hebb was just a few feet away from her son Ollie when he was stuck in the machine. When Hebb realized that Ollie may be in the machine she stopped the cycle, opened the door and found Ollie stuck and underwater. Neighbors performed CPR on the boy and were able to get a heartbeat after 45 minutes, but the lack of oxygen to his brain caused irreparable damage.

Ollie was hospitalized for a few weeks until his parents decided to take him off life support.

Hebb told the Deseret News.

“I knew never to leave him alone in the tub. … I never thought about the washing machine (being dangerous),”

Watch the security camera of the child stuck in the washing machine.

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25 Responses to “Parents Put Child In Washing Machine at Public Laundromat [Video]”

  1. Janice Lorraine Carabine

    HE CLOSED THAT DOOR HIMSELF – watch the video. These are not parents these are monsters!

  2. Mercado Liliana

    Louise Veloz Moreno Sounds like a violation of privacy. We shun the Muslims for advertising their daughter's menstruation in the town, no reason why anyone should ever know when your daughter has it. Why don't we teach our girls to take care of themselves and stop spreading their legs before marriage? I was 19 when I had my first and had way more character than these "older" folks. Stupidity can shine for some people at any age.

  3. Cheryl Flory

    Good lord… take that poor child and put him in a SAFE loving home with SAFE loving parents!

  4. Cheryl Flory

    that's for sure… there are too many people out there that can't have children that would give kids in bad homes a safe loving place to grow up!

  5. Gregory Batizi

    Mercado Liliana, pretty sure Louise was kidding. Get that pantie wad out of your ass!

  6. Gregory Batizi

    Mercado Liliana, pretty sure Louise was kidding. Get that panty wad out of your ass!

  7. Adrianna IsaBella Dane

    Oh my god! That is terrible! What the hell is wrong with that father? I cant belive that! I fealt so bad for the child when he was going around in the washing machine , omg. So fucking discusted in what I just saw, this video has been seen more than a thousand times if police get a hold of it they could charge him with child abuse. he needs some sirious jail time!

  8. Theresa Waters

    Why the hell would you play around like that. It wasn't funny and i really don't think you were trying to teach the child a lesson.Thank God the chikd was ok

  9. Sherry Carter Mastromarino

    WTH! what parent would put their child into a washer or dryer for fun & shut the door these doors are automatic! Talk about child indangerment! I hope they got arrested & child welfare is looking into this poor childs interest. That was NUTS! I was terrified just watching it!

  10. Louise Veloz Moreno

    Mercado….this world is full of ignorant jackwagons..and this is why i feel the way i do….i totally agree on lets teach our daughters morals and values…but not everyone thinks that way….society is filled with little girls walking around in thongs and every other word out of their mouth is LIKE….It's the world we live in and it's sad….so i stand by my opinion of BIRTH CONTROL all around..for all the dumb asses:)

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