Smart Memory Bra Boosts Cleavage when things Heat Up

A newly developed bra designed to change it’s shape and support according to changes in a woman’s body heat has been found to have an unforseen side effect – it tightens up and boosts cleavage when the wearer becomes aroused.

The bra is made of a special foam and fabric that changes shape according to temperature. It’s design is intended to stiffen or expand the material at different times, like when the wearer goes jogging it offers more support and when she’s at rest it loosens up to become more comfortable.

But when the woman’s temperature changes as she becomes sexually aroused, the bra also tightens up and boosts up her cleavage. A great side effect if you’re a woman on the prowl and trying to attract a mate.

The specially responsive foam used in the bra uses technology developed by NASA in 1966. The space study center created the foam for use in aircraft cushions, but while it never made it into orbit, it is used today in form memory mattresses and as a safety lining for sports helmets.

The Smart Memory Bra was unveiled at a Paris lingerie show recently and will be available for sale in Britain this summer, priced around £30.