‘Roseanne’ Reunion: Here Are The Latest Updates

Roseanne fans have been waiting for news of a reunion of the popular 90s TV show for decades.

Roseanne is considered one of the most influential American TV shows of all time and still remains one of the most loved sitcoms ever broadcast. Set in a fictional town of Lanford, Illinois, the show’s plot is centred on the Conners, an American working-class family struggling to make ends meet on their meager incomes. The show was created by Matt Williams and first aired on October 18, 1988. It ran for a total of nine seasons, with its final episode telecast on May 20, 1997. Starring Roseanne Barr as Roseanne Connor, her on-screen husband Dan Connor was played by John Goodman, while Sara Gilbert, Michael Fishman, Alicia Goranson, and Sarah Chalke played the roles of Darlene, D.J., original Becky, and “second Becky,” respectively.

The show was an instant hit among fans and ranked No. 1 on the Neilsen ratings, becoming the most-watched TV show in America for the years 1989 and 1990. It enjoyed wide acceptance from audiences of all age groups, and the show and cast were awarded four Emmys, three Golden Globes, and six People’s Choice Awards, just to name a few.

According to CBS News, TV Guide ranked Roseanne at No. 35 in “The Greatest TV Shows of All Time.”

Media Mass reported that the Roseanne reunion rumour began when ABC News confirmed that the cast of the show would reunite for a Roseanne reunion in 2016. The characters last acted together 18 year ago, with expectations from fans that the stars would eventually reunite for a Roseanne reunion, or maybe even a spinoff.

Laurie Metcalf (now 60), who played Jackie Harris, dismissed the possibility of any reunion in the near future, telling a journalist that she didn’t “want to see an old Jackie Harris.”

John Goodman, who played Roseanne’s husband, said he couldn’t imagine a Roseanne reunion in the form of a movie or a spinoff. He said that any attempt to recreate the show as a movie would really scar the popularity of the original show.

Co-star Sara Gilbert confirmed John Goodman’s comments.

“It would be terrible to do something and have it not be good.”

The Huffington Post reported that the stars of the show did have a tiny Roseanne reunion when the cast members surprised former leading lady Roseanne Barr on a talk show on her 62nd birthday. Barr was joined by Sarah Chalke, Michael Fishman, and Alicia Goranson for a fun-filled Comedy Central roast in Los Angeles in 2012.

Michael Fishman continues to be influenced by his role in Roseanne and has recently been posting on social media about the effect the show has had on his life.

Perhaps of the original Roseanne cast, it is only Michael Fishman who would enjoy a Roseanne reunion — it seems the other stars have moved on.

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