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Sickles High School Yearbook Photo: 16yo Admits “I Wasn’t Wearing Panties”

sickles high school yearbook photo

A Sickles High School Yearbook Photo is making news today after a 16 year old student says she didn’t wear panties to school the day the photos were taken because she didn’t want panty lines showing up in her yearbook photos. However, the end result of going commando has meant an eyeful for thousands who have copies of the Sickles High School yearbook.

After the Sickles High School yearbooks were handed out on Monday, students began noticing that the pottery club photo showed a side of one teenage girl they’d never seen before.

Sickles High School Yearbook Photo

Here’s a copy of the Sickles High School yearbook photo everyone is talking about. We’ve covered the goods in the photo because the girl is a minor.

sickles high school yearbook photo

The school admin is downplaying the photos, saying that all that appears in the Sickles High School yearbook photo is a shadow, but the exposed student says that it’s no shadow, it’s the real thing.

10 Connects caught up with the 16-year-old in the photo – and her mother Jeanette. The young girl admits she didn’t wear underwear that day but says it was because she didn’t want her panty lines to show. She says she did not show herself like that on purpose, “Absolutely not. It is ridiculously embarrassing.”

Monday, the Sickles High School yearbook was handed out to hundreds of students and on Wednesday more than 2500 were distributed.

Sickles High School Yearbook Photo Embarrasses Teen

The teen girl’s mother is requesting that the school stop distributing the Sickles High School yearbook, redcall any copies that have been distributed and reprint the yearbook with the offending photos removed.

The girl has not been to school since Monday and her mother says she’s not going to force her to return out of embarrassment for the revealing Sickles High School Yearbook Photo.

[Photo: A11news Source: WTSP]

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47 Responses to “Sickles High School Yearbook Photo: 16yo Admits “I Wasn’t Wearing Panties””

  1. stupidamerican

    This just further goes to show: Personal responsibility in this country is DEAD. R.I.P. Personal responsibility. If you don't want your snatch appearing in your high school yearbook, don't go to school on picture day wearing a short skirt and no underwear and then sit with your legs not crossed while your picture is taken. Um…DUH. Mom wants to 'protect' her daughter by letting her not go to school; she SHOULD have started protecting her from her own stupidity years ago.

  2. Oliver

    No problem, just take a picture of the panties and PhotoShop them into the picture. How hard is that?

  3. bobbaft

    Why wouldn't she just deny “NOT” wearing underwear….dummy.

    I'd be more embarrased that I was in POTTERY CLUB.

  4. matt

    Sorry girl but, with the invention of the hi resolution scanner their is no putting the cat back in to the bag. You can collect every yearbook you want but, you should have listened to your mother when she said; Be sure to wear clean underwear!

  5. matt

    Let's put the White House right on that. Who wants to see that flying over lower Manhatten?

  6. John

    Ridiculous! She claims that she didn't want her panty-lines to show, so she went without. How could ANY panty lines show with a loose dress… totally BS. SHE wanted the drama, and now mommy-with-no-control is horrified.

  7. Cati

    Recalling the books is a stupid and expensive idea. Most schools this year can barely afford these yearbooks, much less a reprint of a revised one. Not only is it too much work, but it would also be too much money

  8. Jorge

    HAHA I wonder if the school is going to be sued for releasing child pornography.

  9. loldummy

    WOW!! Well, Stupidamerican covered everything I'd planned on saying, so I won't just repeat it. But what I will say, is that instead of this girl's mom doing the whole “Oh, my poor baby!! We'll make the school pay to pretend it never happened!” thing, she should really consider making her own color copies of the photo and wallpapering her daughter's closet with them as a lesson in modest, self respect, and personal responsibility. This girl doesn't need protection, she needs a freakin' medal!

  10. Bret

    It is amazing to me that in a day when sexting is a big issue among minors, that the school is not willing to look at this with the same ferocity. The yearbook has editors and if they cannot do their job, then they should be held responsible. This is a picture of an exposed minor and that is against the law.

  11. Ash

    In her defense, if the dress is a sheer enough material, like a silk or light satin, or even the thin polyesters that are pretty popular, panty lines can show pretty easily.

  12. yvel

    I can't help but notice that the girl in the photo is holding something on her left hand. Is it a black and white photo of a guy on a stick? Her right hand seems like she pulled her dress up intentionally. Is this a secret message she wanted to communicate to the guy in the photo she was holding up?

  13. the truth

    Just take a look at the girls myspace and you tell me if you think its really if the schools at fault!!

    As you can see in the back ground of a pic her mom is in it while the girl is having a hookah party and the girl is 16, also in the interview she has on short shorts with her legs open and all the boos behind them!!! Really people are just want to blame their bad choices on someone else!!!

  14. the truth

    Some of the members of the club could not be there for the picture so they had pictures of the people on stick so they could be in the picture the girl to her left is holding one up too.

  15. the truth

    I have seen a yearbook and it is not as bad as they make it seem no one would have even really knew if this whole thing did not come out… that school has almost 3000 kids in it no one would have even realized it was her besides like close friend.

  16. stupidamerican

    On the flip side of that, why should the yearbook editors need to scruitinize every single crotch of every single student in every single picture to make sure that no one was dumb enough to pose for a class photo in a skirt without underwear on? They'd also have to check every single hand for obscene gestures, every face for a tongue simulating a sex act, etc. It can get patently absurd. The GIRL is responsible for her hoo-hoo being exposed in her yearbook…and the subsequent hoopla surrounding it (including making headlines on CNN).

  17. Eightnhalfinking

    The girl is a whore and will probably come out of this with a lucrative career in porn. The mother did her a favor by not teaching her personal responsiblity

  18. kegs

    i'm pretty sure that she did not do that on purpose. why would she want the whole school to see her vagina? it”s not like she's a hoe. cause i know who she is personally. she is not like that at all. so people need to sdtop making assumptions about who she is, and what kind of person she is. this should not reflect on anything. that's all i have to say.

  19. scott

    Why do I have the feeling that what will end up being discovered is that the girl is trying to extort money out of the school with this claim?

  20. Danielle

    I don't believe her story. The dress she is wearing is a baby doll style dress. They are not tight yet she claims she didn't wear panties because she didn't want to show panty lines. She's seeking attention.

  21. Aghast

    However, panty lines are pretty hard to see when your SITTING DOWN!

  22. KaeKae

    My daughter is an editor for her school yearbook. They DO scrutinize every single picture for problems. I can't say they check every crotch, but they sure do check for hand gestures, etc. Each yearbook page goes through several people, including at least two adults before final approval. However, I do agree, the girl is responsible for her actions.

  23. Mellanator

    lmfao I'm totally agreeing here. How can you defend her? Panty lines don't show in a cheap cotton dress like that. Honestly. It's a SUMMER dress, it's loose around your ass. she didn't wear panties cuz she's a ho. its pretty simple.

  24. stupidamerican

    “…while the girl is having a hookah party…”

    At least we know why she was in the pottery club :-)

  25. Erica

    Are you serious? Have you ever heard of panty hose or barely there underwear MADE FOR THESE REASONS? You are just as bad as that mother and that kid *eye roll*

  26. catinthebag

    I hope that's not you Dad!! Course, you're right. Maybe she wanted some action, finally, and thought this the way to go…girls on either side are probably pantiless, but knew to cross their legs. She also has her hand like … right there…
    It's a bunch of bull and we're making her popular by going on about it… geez, I wouldn't have even said I was avoiding panty lines or any of that crap…this is about what was expected, maybe when she turns of age, Playboy will call the daring girl…
    the clay spinner-hmmm…the movie Ghost, my creative ideas are flowing now…
    geez. thong was your answer young lady, if you were serious about your issue.

  27. catinthebag

    omg, this would actually employ people for a short time, maybe this could be an opportunity to stimulate the economy or get someone out of the unemployment line…
    (like me for one…)
    I'd rather do this suggestion than use a permanent marker to color it in…can you imagine having to sit down and color in a cooch on every single yearbook?

  28. catinthebag

    in essence then, she got on TV! she's “famous”
    she should be proud of that… if she were humiliated and such, why would anyone agree to an interview on television? even with her face blurred out, her mother is there plain sight…
    God bless, please, Lord, be with me when my daughter gets that age!!!
    maybe it was a dare. Truth will come to light in the end, always does.

  29. catinthebag

    guy on a stick, now that would be embarrassing and humiliating….what ever happened to just listing those not present? omg, where is this skewl? and what is going on here really?

  30. janie

    oh pleaseeeeeeeeeeee if its sheer enuff to see panty lines dont u think ya would had seen her asz too? come on .. i think she has gotten what she wanted but didnt expect it to be sooooooo outta control

  31. C. Mark Sublette

    A recall and reprint of 2500 copies of a yearbook ain't going to happen Mom, just 'cause your daughter exercised bad judgement. You have any idea how much that printing costs? You're not going to cough up the difference…

  32. Krush Elliot

    as Crystal implied I'm alarmed that some people can profit $9347 in 1 month on the computer. have you seen this website.


  33. Anonymous

    Ya know, if you're 16 and willing to run around school without any underwear on while wearing a skirt you shouldn't be surprised when something like this happens. There are plenty of underwear styles that are made specifically to NOT show panty lines.

  34. James Junior

    You're so right, I think it's great that if a kid makes a bad call like this, she should have her hometown inundated with color photos of her snatch. The best way to teach her a lesson is with as much humiliation and degradation as possible. Hey, why not take a video of her going to the bathroom? Will teach her to not come to school unprepared, right? Hey, maybe she'll jump off a bridge like that other kid who's roomate recorded video of him having sex with another man?

    I don't give a shit HOW MUCH it costs to fix this, if it was your kid, you'd want it recalled. Or maybe not, maybe you wouldn't give a crap then either. She might as well move to a foreign country now. This is why kids kill themselves, jump off bridges, why people walk into an office and shoot everyone, go on a rampage at a theater, because in today's world, human dignity and empathy are at an all-time low. We simply treat people like they are nothing more than a net worth.

    In the end though, this girl and her family deserve all of this, hey maybe they'll make a DVD next, show her in the shower or something? That would be great! Then put up some pictures of her Mom and Dad having sex? Why not try to get some upskirt pictures in the yearbook? How about a straight-up porno instead? Now THAT would sell yearbooks. Who cares about that moronic kid? She deserves to have her entire life ruined for that momentary lapse of judgement. After all, nearly everyone is perfect, she is but one of only a few kids that ever make a bad call, right? This whole incident is fucking disgusting, she must be devastated over this.

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