Video shows murder suspect sticking tongue out at victims family

Watch As Murder Suspect Laughs, Sticks His Tongue Out At Alleged Victim’s Family [Video]

Antonio Beatty stands accused of murder for the death of a young father, whose body was found along the side of the road in Wilmington, North Carolina. And what he did just before facing a judge on murder charges is shocking.

On Tuesday morning, the family of that young man, Carlton Walker Whitley, gathered in a court room for Beatty’s first court appearance, WECT reported. Among the group was his fiancée, sister, and baby daughter. And they were greeted to a “cold-hearted” sight — Antonio smiled, laughed, and stuck his tongue out at them.

“He needs to be dead. He needs the chair,” said Whitley’ sister, Ebony Silman.

According to CBS News, Antonio Beatty is facing a life sentence in connection to Whitley’ shooting death; he’s been charged with first-degree murder. His alleged victim had a 5-month-old daughter, who was “all he cared about,” his fiancée Octavia Bryant told WWAY.

“My daughter shouldn’t have to grow up without a father because of someone else’s stupidity.”

Antonio himself justified his act, saying that he had been taunted while in jail. In a shocking statement to the press, he said he could’ve done a lot worse than stick out his tongue at the family of his alleged victims; “I mean I’m upset myself, but they ain’t have no right to stick their tongue out at me, they ain’t have no right to stick their middle finger up at me.”

His uncle, Anthony, apologized for his nephew, who said he’s a good guy whose never gotten in trouble. He, too, has two children, and is hurt by the prospect of losing them.

“So as far as what happened we do not know, he did it for sure, but if he did it I can assure ya’ll it wasn’t intentionally his fault,” he said. Further details about the Carlton’s death were not available.

Regardless of what Antonio’s family believes, Octavia and Ebony are going to do whatever they can to make sure the man accused of murder their loved one is punished.

“I feel like justice needs to be served. He don’t care obviously. He showed that his self in court that he don’t care, that he don’t have no remorse for what he did, and he needs to be charged. He needs to go down for this. This is not right. He took my daughter’s father from her. She don’t deserve that and then you’re going to stick your tongue out at a five-month-old? She is a baby!”

If convicted, Beatty could face the death penalty. Carlton’s family wants the toughest penalty.

[Photo Courtesy YouTube Screengrab]