Kaicyre Palmer "World's Sexiest Nurse"

Kaicyre Palmers Tends To Followers’ Needs As ‘World’s Sexiest Nurse’

Kaicyre Palmers may soon have patients lining up outside the hospital where she works waiting for Palmers to take care of them.

And for good reason. Kaicyre was recently anointed as the “World’s Sexiest Nurse” by several media outlets.


Palmers works as a nurse in New York City, according to a recent article on Elite Daily. In addition to studying at New York University, Kaicyre stands out on Instagram as a model to her more than 170,000 followers.

The Instagram account for Kaicyre has exploded in the past day once her title of “World’s Sexiest Nurse” went viral. In one day, Palmers was able to gain more than 30,000 new followers who are lining up to see the next photo Kaicyre posts to the social medium. Her followers have even commented on her pictures that they wouldn’t mind to contract a disease to meet her in real life.

Palmers also has a Facebook account, but the public figure has not captured that audience quite as fast with less than 3,000 followers on the medium. The “World’s Sexiest Nurse” shouldn’t worry much, however, since it appears the page was just created September 9.


Palmers has pictures taken from around the world as the globetrotter has visited some of the hottest vacation destinations. The web site NextShark noted the internet sensation has visited Fiji, Thailand, Bali, Puerto Rico, the Bahamas, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. The “World’s Sexiest Nurse” has also spent time in Phoenix at the 2015 NFL Pro Bowl and even more time in Los Angeles as a self-proclaimed UCLA alum.

to live & die in LA but I'm feelin foreign.. #BaliLivin

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So grateful to celebrate another year of life in Bali❤️ #BdayGal

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Palmers could be following the path Kim Kardashian took to become the most-followed celebrity on Instagram. Kardashian has used the medium (and some racy photos) to debunk rumors about her pregnancy as well as make a few dollars with controversial posts surrounding paid endorsements for products. Nonetheless, Kim has generated a solid game plan for aspiring models to build an audience and following.

Perhaps posing on Instagram will turn into a side gig for the “World’s Sexiest Nurse.” Instagram models like Palmers are finding ways to monetize their looks (and six-figure following) by finding people interested in promoting their business through the model’s social pages and pictures. Kaicyre could already be relying on this supplemental income to travel to so many exotic locations within the previous year.

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[Image credit Kaicyre Palmers/Instagram]