Dangerous New Trend: Drug Selling Via #Kush, #Codeine, #HMU Instagram And Facebook Tags

Back in the day, if a person wanted to buy a “nickel bag” of weed, they’d pay just $5 for a small bag of marijuana from some high school student dealer and be on their way. However, in 2015, with marijuana strains dubbed “Gorilla glue” being sold in legal dispensaries in Denver, as reported by SF Gate, it’s a whole new world. And that world is one with stronger synthetic drugs, seeing as though one joint of “Gorilla glue” isn’t something recommended for only one person to smoke.

That new world of drug buying and dealing has also moved online as expected, and further into social media for those seeking places to easily buy drugs. According to WLNS, drug buyers and drug sellers are using terms like #HMU, which means “hit me up” or “contact me,” in order to find buyers for their drugs via Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

“Discreet shipping” promises some of the posts advertising their wares online.

Of course, not all of the posts that are tagged #kush — 6,687,715 posts and counting – found on Instagram are from folks who are selling weed. Neither are the nearly 150,000 posts tagged #codeine from folks who are selling “lean” in a cup. Some of those posters are simply bragging about using the products, or providing recipes and the like.

However, those posting #hmu and more details for folks to contact them are doing more than bragging at times – some are also offering the potentially dangerous concoctions for sale. This is all legal until a transaction occurs, report police. There have been several arrests since 2013 of folks selling drugs via social media, reports the WLNS video. That’s because it’s not just drug buyers or drug sellers reading those posts on Instagram and Facebook. The police are watching social media posts about drugs, too, but it can be difficult to monitor since there are so many social media photos with those hasthags.

Perhaps it’s because the “hmu” tag was being used for nefarious purposes is why a search for HMU on Instagram shows that the page has been blocked.

Sorry, this page isn’t available. The link you followed may be broken, or the page may have been removed. Go back to Instagram.

Twitter, however, seems not to have blocked “hmu” in the same manner, with a search for “hmu” and “kush” turning up the tweets of some folks who are boldly selling marijuana. Others are simply joking around about smoking the strong version of weed.

[Image via Instagram]