Miranda Lambert Doing Just Fine Without Blake Shelton

When Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton announced their divorce back in July, every true country music fan couldn’t help but feel the sting. There’s been a ton of press coverage trying to figure out what truly ended the relationship after four years, some saying that Shelton cheated, others saying it was Lambert’s fault. The constant speculation and pressure from the public can only be making things harder for the two stars to get on with their lives.

But Miranda isn’t sitting at home crying or feeling sorry for herself; just like the unbreakable, confident women in her songs, she’s out living her life and moving her career forward as much as possible. Lambert has been spending her time showcasing her musical abilities, of course, and nourishing the great friendships that she has with other stars. When she’s not doing that, well, she’s being the life of the party. She recently posted a video of herself, along with others, singing Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood,” and challenged Swift to reciprocate in what she’s calling a #glamjam.

She’s also looking fabulous. Two weeks ago she posted a picture of her new hair color: platinum blonde. Could the choice of color have anything to do with her number one album of the same name? We think so. She also alluded to her current struggle a bit, captioning, “What doesn’t kill you makes you blonder.”

Oh, and there’s one other way that Lambert has moved forward recently: she’s been getting awards. It was announced on September 3 that Miranda Lambert will be receiving the Nashville Symphony 2015 Honor Award. Previous winners include country music legends like Trisha Yearwood and Tim McGraw, and the recipients of the award are said to radiate “the harmonious spirit of Nashville’s musical community.” Miranda will receive the award later this year, in December, but that’s not all she has going on at the moment. Her tour, Roadside Bars and Pink Guitars, starts in just a couple of weeks on September 24. The first show will take place in Missouri, and belting out hits like “Little Red Wagon” and “Kerosene,” which are packed with girl power, is sure to give her even more of a positive boost.

Of course, she hasn’t completely gotten rid of all the leftover emotions from her and Blake’s failed marriage yet — who could? During Lambert’s performance at Gulf Coast Jam in Panama City this past weekend, her feelings seemed to get the best of her at certain moments. After singing “White Liar,” the clearly upset singer let out a laugh, saying “Oh, these boys are killing me!”, according to CMT.

Even though she likely still has her hard days, one thing is for sure. Ever since the breakup news became public, Miranda Lambert has shown what a strong woman she is and has been an inspiration to other women and girls who may someday face the same pain and heartbreak. If her actions and attitude are any indication of the future, Lambert will be feeling much better by the time the next country music scandal takes over the press.

[Image courtesy of Ethan Miller / Getty Images]