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Amy Robach Leaves NBC News, Joins ABC News

Amy Robach

Amy Robach gave a tearful goodbye on the Saturday edition of NBC’s “Weekend Today,” in lieu of her contract ending, and signing a new one with ABC News.

The announcement of her new job was made through a press release by ABC News president Ben Sherwood. Robach, who has been the co-anchor of the Saturday edition of the “Weekend Today” show since 2007, told her co-workers and viewers that:

“I want to thank everybody. I could not name everyone in the studio right now who has made every Saturday morning, when that alarm clock goes off, worth getting up for.”

According to ABC News, the note from Sherwood was sent on Monday morning to all staff members, and stated:

“I am pleased to announce that Amy Robach is joining ABC News as a correspondent based in New York…Amy comes to us from NBC News where she has served as a national correspondent and weekend anchor for Today. She also spent several years anchoring morning news programming on MSNBC.”

TVNewser reports that Sherwood went on to describe Amy as:

“A first-rate storyteller and broadcaster, Amy will go to any heights for her work, including riding along in a Navy F-18 Super Hornet over the Atlantic…As the mother of two daughters and three step sons, she will tell you that her family is one step away from becoming a modern day Brady Bunch.”

In describing Amy Robach’s new role, Ben Sherwood also wrote:

“In her new role, Amy will contribute her engaging and high-impact journalism to all of our broadcasts and platforms…Please joining me in welcoming her to the ABC News family.”

Amy Robach was with NBC News for more than nine years.

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19 Responses to “Amy Robach Leaves NBC News, Joins ABC News”

  1. Denise DeRosa

    I thought that you had to leave a journalism job for 90 days before you signed on to another station? I know it was true for Fox and MSNBC in the past. Is it a promotion to go from national correspondent and weekend anchor of the Today show to just a correspondent? Sounds like it isn't, but who knows.

  2. Karen Hernacki

    Congratulations to Amy and ABC. NBC dropped the ball on this one and it is their loss.

  3. Beth Cohen-Pastorino

    Will miss seeing her on Sat morning's. Does this mean that Jenna is doing both day's now?

  4. Dac Bonl

    Happy to know that we will still see Amy's journalistic style on TV. Congratulations Amy and thanks for going to ABC. I've been watching more GMA and CBS during the week and Today only on weekends.

  5. Sheilagh Roberti

    My family will miss watching Amy on NBC She was wonderful!

  6. Anonymous

    Amy Robach, another Obama sychophant. What does it matter where she spouts the regime's propaganda? Like most MSM journalists, she wouldn't know the truth if it smacked her in the face.

  7. John L. Ersland

    I will also miss watching Amy on NBC. She was (and still is) an outstanding journalist. With Ann Curry leaving Today, I wish that Amy would come back and take Ann's place.

  8. Anonymous

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  9. Timothy Moran

    No wonder "Today" has fallen behind "Good Morning America" in the ratings. NBC named the wrong person to take over as co-anchor of "Today." Savannah Guthrie seems like a good reporter, but she does not deserve the co-anchor position over Amy Robach. Good luck to Amy Robach. Once ABC makes her an integral part of "Good Morning America," I'll be changing from "Today" to "Good Morning America."

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