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Deadbeat Dad Puts Kid In Tumble-Dryer [VIDEO]


And you thought that a man shooting a change machine was the stupidest thing you have seen at a laundromat? Think again!

What do you get when one of the world’s worst parents sticks his kid in a dryer at the laundromat? You get a disturbing YouTube video and, if God is merciful, social services paying them a visit within hours to take away his children. I personally wouldn’t trust this joker with a length of string.

Thinking that it would be cute to see his toddler in a dryer, Mr. Professor with the beautiful mind just stuffed him in there, without thought to consequences, and ended up accidentally starting the machine, which then locked up, preventing him from removing his terrified offspring. The child can be seen in the video tumbling as he is violently thrown around inside the machine, until a store employee runs up and stopped the dryer.

The kid went through this nightmare for a full minute and a half before being rescued. I damned well hope that the store refused to let the child leave with his parents and that employes called the cops on them.

According to the description of the video of the incident on YouTube: “Couple put their baby in the machine to scare him but it turned out to be a bad idea as the machine had auto lock system and it took the child for a spin.The child suffered minor injuries and is safe.”

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16 Responses to “Deadbeat Dad Puts Kid In Tumble-Dryer [VIDEO]”

  1. Bradley Williams

    The problem with this story is that it's a 4 Load Washer that uses a Vacume system not a Dryer! That's why they have to shut down power to open it due to water loading! You can see the openings for soap and bleach on top! That's the only way to open it after it starts to load water!

  2. Mercado Liliana

    It's a shame. These guys are not young either they are in their 30s; they should've known better. Just goes to show age doesn't always signify maturity.

  3. Morgan Robinette

    Although the Father was ultimately responsible AND no proof he is actually a deadbeat Dad ( meaning he cant afford to pay child support ), BOTH parents were present during this idiotic incident. So BOTH parents should be reported.

  4. Dustin Long

    Wow, this is sad that everyone is calling this man a dead beat father and all the other rude ass comments. The dad was in no way trying to hurt this child. They were in a laundry mat trying to have a little fun and yes his decision was not the most intelligent in the world, but it was just an accident. You can see the poor father showing his frustration at what had happened and trying to get his child out. Why would the dryer be set up so that once the door is shut it wont open till the cycle is complete. There are many kids in laundry mats, to me this is very bad design on a machine were children are present. But cant we just leave the poor man alone, it was a horrible decision yes, but he was only playing with his kid, this does not make him a bad dad in any way. There are more children who are in a lot worse ways that should be the focus of the press. Its too bad everything that's filmed has to be put online so that all the perfect parents out there can judge a man for doing something foolish.

  5. Theresa Waters

    Sad part it wasn't their child that couple was babysitting ….and thank God dyfus is now involved along with the police

  6. Linda Eden

    Sad – I really think the guy was just dumb and wasn't thinking. How did the washer start? He must of had money in it. Geez, I haven't been to a laundry Mat in years. So stupid it is funny that this guy did this. Thank goodness the kid is fine. Bet he will have trust issues.

  7. Emily Gebhardt

    It wasn't the dad, it was babysitters, the baby's dad is in jail

  8. Michelle Adams

    Your story needs an edit, this was a babysitter and an unknown man. The mother and father had nothing to do with this.
    This was ignorant, they should be charged with something from the state. I believe the mother is pressing charges as well.

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