Binions: UK Town Wakes Up To Garbage Bins Turned Into Minions

Residents in Peacehaven in East Sussex, England, woke up to a surprise Monday morning. Someone had painted all the garbage bins in the town to look like Minions – goggle eyes, blue dungarees, floppy arms, and all.

No one knows who did it, but someone was obviously very busy overnight in the small town. All the bins now look like the popular Minions characters from the smash hit movie Despicable Me.

Now dubbed “Binions,” according to Mashable, the newly revamped garbage bins are everywhere, at bus stops, outside stores, and next to park benches. The bins all have the distinctive yellow Minion faces, painted blue dungarees, and big goggle eyes and arms have been attached for authenticity. Some even have a little spiky black hair, as in the image above.

According to the Mirror, one resident, Daniel Moon said that they have no idea who is responsible for the Minions garbage bins or why they’ve done it, but he does say it’s quite amusing.

“People have been going around trying to find all ten.”

Moon thought that the stunt was maybe set up to promote an upcoming festival in the town, which will have a Minion appearing, but the mayor of the town denies this, saying it’s a complete mystery.

In fact the Peacehaven Town Council has no clue who is responsible for the colorful Minions bins, but they do say they “admire” the culprit’s creativity, and the prank might actually encourage people to keep the town clean.

According to a Lewes District Council spokesperson, “These bins have certainly drawn attention and brought comments and smiles from people passing by.”

“Anything that encourages people to use the litter bins provided is a good thing as we want to keep the district clean and tidy for all to enjoy.”

For those who don’t know who the Minions are, they are cartoon characters famous for their cute but evil ways, and are currently on the movie circuit in the latest film Minions.

While the prank remains a mystery to residents and local council people, this does sound at least a little similar to something that is going on in the capital city of London to help keep the city clean.

As reported in the Inquisitr, a special sign has been provided near the embankment where smokers can vote for their favorite football star by stubbing out their cigarettes and putting the butts in either the Cristiano Ronaldo side of the sign or the Lionel Messi option. So far, Ronaldo’s winning.

While that sign had nothing in common with the Minions, it does, however, have the effect of keeping London a little tidier.

[Image: CC BY 2.0 Sonny Abesamis]