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Katy Tur, Keith Olbermann’s Girlfriend, Joins The Weather Channel

Katy Tur

Katy Tur, girlfriend of MSNBC anchor Keith Olbermann, has reportedly joined The Weather Channel as a “Vortex 2 digital journalist.” Tur, 25, had previously worked as a freelance reporter at New York City’s Tribune-owned WPIX, according to industry news sites.

Katy Tur at the Weather Channel

Katy Tur’s new gig, TVNewser reports, will be “chasing tornadoes” as part of The Weather Channel’s Vortex2 program.

Tur has apparently talked tornadoes on The Weather Channel before: A short video is available here showing her discussing tornado-chasing gadgets.

NBC Universal owns both MSNBC and The Weather Channel. Olbermann tells TVNewser, however, he had nothing to do with Katy Tur getting the job.

“Anybody who suggests so is misinformed, and/or sadly unaware that in this time when the industry is collapsing around us, nobody gets a job based on ‘influence,’ only talent,” he said.

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4 Responses to “Katy Tur, Keith Olbermann’s Girlfriend, Joins The Weather Channel”

  1. LibsFearPalin

    Shannyn Moore is Olbermann’s whore. Tonight on Countdown, they made a pact to take down Sarah Palin. Katy Tur, who should be concerned about Moore who has been journalistically getting tea bagged by Olbermann as of late, must have had a worried mind tonight as viewers enjoyed while he dipped as Moore opened her mouth to complain about Sarah Palin’s pending book deal. Olbermann, who made the connection between Rupert Murdoch and the publishing company that will be releasing Palin’s book while having satellite feed sex with the Girl from Homer, obviously took pleasure in the worn out blonde's derangement about Alaska's most famous governor.

    Whore, uh, I mean Moore, has had an unhealthy obsession with Sarah Palin during her last 50 or so blogs which she wrote as the frivolous ethics complaints were being dismissed around her. Moore, probably self pleasuring herself during clips from the 2008 Republican National Convention, was quick to point out once again in one of her blogs that Sarah Palin is not doing her job, obviously a reference to the heterosexual governor's inability to astroturf Ms. Moore with the good licking that Moore so desperately fantasizes about.

    Rachel Maddow is on now. Shannyn may want to lower her standards if she wants to become obsessed with another woman.

    One wonders how Moore can enjoy a good tea bagging from the big mouthed, small balled Olbermann without demanding to be on the show permanently after having it renamed the “I hate Sarah Palin Show.”

    Olbermann needs to lose the whore from Homer and be happy about having a girlfriend who is a tornado chaser. Anyone that committed to the ultimate blow job has to be worth a few necklaces and a dinner or two.

  2. Lynn

    Katy Tur doesn't have a degree in Meteorology much less any weather experience…how on Earth can KO pretend he had nothing to do with this? It's a sad day when smart, QUALIFIED women are getting passed-up for someone who is sleeping with an old guy jst to get a job.

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