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Another monster washes up on Montauk [VIDEO]


Remember back in July of last year when the web was a buzz about some monster that showed up in Montauk, on the eastern tip of Long Island? Well it looks like history is repeating itself but this time we have the video to go with it.

On Wednesday May 5th 2009, I was contacted by a couple that sent a message to the general e-mail box on this website claiming they think they’ve found what appears to be the Montauk Monster. Naturally, I questioned it thinking it was BS, but they seemed credible enough (after a phone conversation of course) to take an hour drive to Southhold and see it for myself up close and personal.

Upon discovery, it resembled what everyone saw last summer. This monster was located in Southold, NY on the Bay Area. For those who are unfamiliar with the area, this is the North Fork of Long Island. The beast smelled like a mix of low-tide and rotten garbage. It really smelled horrific. I couldn’t help but take numerous pictures of it and video clips.


And for your viewing pleasure here is the video taken of the newest monster to wash up at Montauk.

hat tip to Geekologie

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29 Responses to “Another monster washes up on Montauk [VIDEO]”

  1. Unknown

    This is CLEARLY a hoax. Poor video quality, shaking, zoomed in too far, and match stick fingers for that “huge creature”? That's ridiculous, try to come up with something better next time. I do think this is funny though, I'm glad that people have so much time that they can come up with things like this.

  2. B . Davis RNG

    The Montauk Monster is very interesting.Does anyone know more about it? Like was anyone from the scientific community able to examine the carcass, any tissue samples taken to determine genetic make up etc. This looks to be a very important find if it's not a hoax. If it is real , why no professional investigation ???

  3. ASH

    to D-davis….. this thing would yes be an impressive find, but do to the inadequete findings and LACK of evidence on the entire investigation….to what i've seen and heard this would be a hoax in the sense that if it were real there would be more compelling evidence supporting the finding/ sceintists would be on the scene, collecting samples.
    Due to this very reason of inapplicable governmental interest I'd say this indeed is a hoax.
    (excuse any incorrectly spelled words (just came home from work/ almost 2 am.)

  4. marko

    it is a dead polar bear. tissue missing on thne skull. all fur gone

  5. we

    It's possibly been floating around dead for awhile. The water bloats the creature and the skin/fur/tissue/outer layer falls off.

  6. Adrian

    Why couldn't they have filmed this during the day, or did the “monster” mysteriously disappear with sunlight? Amateurs.

  7. Richie

    I saw something weird on YouTube. Something that washed up on the New Jersey shore. If you want to check it out. Look under the user name CliftonPhotographer. If this link works,try this
    I couldn't figure out what it was either!

  8. anonymous

    It looks to me like an eaten manatee or something..

  9. Rpp

    Why such buzz about a dead animal?! I've seen many times dead pigs look more monster than this…

  10. agera_sith

    Its a dead dog!!!

    Its been floating round in the sea for a bit so its all bloated and some of its skin and fur has come off. Also something has been chewing on it and taken its bottom jaw off.

    The teeth in the skull are similar to a dog minus the bottom jaw, the paws are exactly the same and the boady is the same.

    P.S When they poke around the skull yopu can see its eye!!! gross!!!

  11. Suz

    this just looks like a turtle that has been ripped out of its shell. not a monster.

  12. Guest

    err.. looks like a dead sheep….. lost some of its wool due to post-mortem changes.. smell would be the decaying flesh wmixed with the water it was soaking in….
    dun think it's a monster…

  13. kg4yus

    Turtles are not one biologic mass stuffed inside a shell, the shell is an integeral part of their anatomy. You cannot just simply remove a turtle from its shell and its body remain intact.

  14. your moms chest hair

    it didnt get “stolen” my mom came home. turns out she got shit faced drunk and passed out on the beach. she said she remembers some assholes messing with her. then she woke up in a big ass cooler. next time you find her passed out could ya gimme a call? k thanks

  15. Wulf

    I think you will find this is simply a sheep that has been in the water for a while and is suffering from decomp thus the bloating and the visible skull as well as damage done to the extremities by marine creatures.

  16. sas

    I also think it can be a sheep.
    I don't think it is a polarbear because they have black skin beneath their fur.

  17. jobib

    are yall serious??? cmon guys……its a rattle snake!!!!….DUHHH…!!!!

  18. Greg

    The “monsters” look like dead and decaying polar bears.

  19. Chris

    these thing always turn out to be the remains of some kind of whale[pieces of one anyway] and thats why they never get on the world news because IT'S NOT A MONSTER.

  20. Daniel

    Yes, when you find an unknow creature, this has to be the WORST WAY POSSIBLE TO MAKE A VIDEO, in the dark, only with a lantern.

    I wonder WHERE ARE THE BONES? where is the body..
    Why didnt call an expert who could preserve the body so your names would be in the hall of fame of those who discovered a new animal.

  21. Daniel

    Now that you say it, yes, it looks like a bear.
    But those legs seem too weak

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