‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Star Samantha Steffen Says There’s More To Joe Bailey’s Texts

Bachelor In Paradise star Samantha Steffen is the puppet master of this season of the show. While many felt that Joe Bailey was the villain, he proved that he was not the bad guy that everyone thought he was. Samantha and Joe had been texting prior to coming to Mexico, but Steffen had also been texting several other guys. And it sounds like Steffen just wanted to keep herself covered, so she could find love in paradise.

Samantha Steffen kept saying that she was innocent in all of the drama that was happening with Joe, and she sent him packing last night. But before Bailey left Mexico, he shared the text message that Samantha had sent him about doing whatever it took to stay in paradise so they could meet.

According to a new tweet, Bachelor In Paradise star Samantha Steffen says that there is more to the story than what Joe is sharing. Last night as the episode was airing, Bailey tried to share the text message on Bachelor In Paradise, but it didn’t really show up due to the light of the phone screen. But he was quick to share the message on Twitter.

And Bachelor In Paradise star Samantha Steffen must have heard about the text messages being shared on Twitter, because she had plenty of things to say. While Steffen doesn’t deny writing the text messages, she does say that it was written as fun, and that there were more messages that he didn’t share.

“Nxt line of text-‘But if u do get wifed up, its ok! haha lol’-‘Jump off a bridge’- surely ppl wouldnt take texts that literally,” Samantha Steffen revealed on Twitter, adding that she was going to go on national television to set the record straight.

“Look forward to addressing things on #AfterParadise tomorrow See ya there! #BachelorInParadise,” Samantha tweeted as last night’s episode aired, adding that she would be visiting Chris Harrison to share her side of the story.

Even though Steffen decided to keep Dan Cox over Joe Bailey on last night’s episode of the show, people still think that she is the puppet master. And while she could have been innocent in some regard, it didn’t help her case that Nick Peterson came to Mexico and hinted that he had also been talking to her via text messages. It will be interesting to see what she has to say for herself.

What do you think of Samantha Steffen’s behavior on Bachelor In Paradise?

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