NFL Trade Rumors: Kam Chancellor Trade A Reality For Seattle Seahawks?

NFL trade rumors about Kam Chancellor and the Seattle Seahawks have increased in number. A Chancellor trade is something that would alter the look of the Seahawks, and possibly make the team much weaker in the secondary. It is also something the front office might seriously be considering. A report from the Sporting News was penned by former Minnesota Viking general manager Jeff Diamond, who talked about how he was forced to trade a Pro Bowl holdout during his time in charge.

The situation for Diamond involved future Hall of Fame offensive tackle Gary Zimmerman. Zimmerman wanted a big pay raise, held out rather than play out his contract, and ultimately got traded by the Vikings. Diamond sees a lot of similarities between that situation and what the Seahawks are going through with Chancellor. A report from the Seattle Post Intelligencer has head coach Pete Carroll revealing that nothing has changed in the negotiations between the team and it’s All Pro safety. That’s not good news for anyone involved.

An unhappy superstar player is not something the franchise needs as it tries to make it back to a third consecutive Super Bowl, meaning most scenarios that could take place could be negative. This is why NFL trade rumors have started popping up, as there are only four ways the situation between Kam Chancellor and the Seattle Seahawks can be resolved. Chancellor could reluctantly report and play, he could get a raise from a frustrated front office, he could continue to hold out, or the Seahawks could trade him for a great package of draft picks.

Even if fans get what they want, and Chancellor decides to finally report before the regular season begins, will he be of the proper mindset to help out the team? He could certainly remain very frustrated that Earl Thomas and Richard Sherman continue to make much more money than he does. If the front office in Seattle does want to give him a raise, it would require trading or cutting other players already on the active roster. That, too, would hurt the team quite a bit heading into the 2015 NFL season.

A stark reality is that the situation between Kam Chancellor and the Seattle Seahawks’ front office is almost untenable. As the holdout continues to drag on, the Seahawks could be forced into a corner that leads to a huge trade taking place. That’s a nightmare scenario as well, because the Seahawks would be much weaker on defense in the short-term. Fans of the team should start preparing to hear NFL trade rumors that start to include offers from other franchises willing to give Chancellor that big raise. It’s only a matter of time.

[Image Source: Christian Petersen / Getty Images]