Jon Gosselin’s Misstress, Deanna Hummel Sex Tape Hits the Web! [PHOTOS!]

Deanna Hummel, alleged mistress of Jon Gosselin of the HBO series Jon & Kate plus 8 has been exposed, in an extremely NSFW way, in a sex tape her ex boyfriend has sold to a porn site.

Deanna Hummel Sex Tape Sold by Ex-Boyfriend

The unidentified ex-boyfriend seems a bit disgruntled with his former girlfriend, 23 year old school teacher Deanna Hummel and doesn’t seem to mind jumping at the opportunity to both screw her over (oh, punny) and make a fast buck while he’s at it. He even went so far as to register Deanna’s name as a domain name for the site where he’s hocking the sex tape.


Hello world! This is a site owned by one of Deanna Hummel’s ex-boyfriends.

When I read the news about her alleged affair with Jon Gosselin from the show Jon & Kate Plus 8, I have to say I wasn’t surprised.

The Deanna I knew wasn’t above cheating, even with married men, hence our eventual breakup. During our time together we made a secret amateur sex tape. It wasn’t a hidden cam or anything, she was totally aware of the fact that I was taping. This has never been available to the public before. And it still isn’t…yet! But I am shopping this tape and am currently in negotiations with sites like about selling it.

Deanna Hummel Sex Tape Now Online

Update: It appears the Deanna Hummel sex tape has been uploaded and is available right now on the web at this link. (Warning: NSFW)