Bobbi Kristina Brown Update: Photos Of Nick Gordon And Danyela Bradley Emerge

An amended civil lawsuit against Nick Gordon revealed that at least two other people were present in the home on January 31, the day Bobbi Kristina Brown was found comatose and face-down in a bathtub full of cold water. Photos of one of the guests emerged this week. It’s the same person, per the lawsuit, that Gordon allegedly referred to as a “pretty little white girl.”

Daily Mail reports that Danyela Bradley, 18, a friend visiting Bobbi Kristina’s townhouse the day she was found unconscious, was photographed leaving Atlanta-based North Fulton Hospital on February 1, the same hospital that Bobbi Kristina was taken to just one day prior.

Bradley exited the hospital at around 1 p.m. in a wheelchair, looking drowsy and disheveled. Gordon, wearing a long-sleeved grey shirt and a black jacket vest, was behind Bradley, pushing her while she sat glumly in the wheelchair.

There is no indication as to whether Bradley was admitted as a patient to the hospital, as HIPAA laws prevent the sharing of patient information. However, according to the hospital, every patient admitted to the hospital is wheeled away via wheelchair upon release for safety reasons. Yet, the hospital also confirmed that visitors are allowed to use wheelchairs as well, if they are not feeling well and unable to walk.

Danyela Bradley
Instagram photo of Bobbi Kristina Brown and Danyela Bradley.

According to Marlene Bradley, the 18-year-old’s mother, no one in the family knew that Danyela was at the hospital that day. They also have no idea whether she was sick during the time Bobbi Kristina was found and taken to the hospital.

“What happened – was she sick? I never heard about that, I had no idea.”

After wheeling Danyela outside, Gordon pushed her to a silver-colored car, parked in the front entrance. Gordon helped her get into a car while a male driver wearing a black baseball cap waited. Although unconfirmed, it’s possible that the driver of the car was Max Lomas, Danyela’s boyfriend, rumored to also be present in the Roswell townhouse on January 31.

Earlier this month, Bobbi Kristina’s former roommate Mason Whitaker took to social media to accuse both Danyela and Max of aiding in Bobbi Kristina’s death. According to Whitaker, the couple not only were present when Bobbi Kristina was found comatose, but they also urged her to try heroin just a month prior.

Facebook photo of Mason Whitaker (left), Nick Gordon (right), and Bobbi Kristina Brown.

“And I’m not going to stop talking about Max or Danyela!! If you knew real facts about the case, you would know that Max and Danyela convinced Krissi to start shooting up about a month before her death. And Max and Danyela gave her bad heroine to shoot after nick beat her up. And that Max, Nick, and Danyela all tried to cover up the scene and make it look like an accident and didn’t call the police until about 20 minutes after she was dead.”

Meanwhile, the investigation into the details of what happened the day Bobbi Kristina Brown was found unconscious remains ongoing. If Whitaker’s allegations prove to be true, there is a possibility that both Danyela and Max may face criminal charges.

[Photos Courtesy of Facebook and Instagram]