Bikini Hockey League Coming To Reality TV

Dan Evon

Has your year been ruined by the news that the Lingerie Football League would be going on hiatus? Well, then there’s good news. An all new sports league featuring barely clothed women will soon becoming to TV. The Bikini Hockey League is being created for a new reality TV show.

But don’t start comparing the LFL to the new Bikini Hockey League because they are completely different. For one, the LFL girls wore lingerie and the Bikini Hockey girls will be wearing bikinis. So don’t even start.

Founder Cary Eskridge said:

“”I don’t like to be compared to (the lingerie football league), really… It’s a totally, completely different sport. I don’t want to say anything negative, I just think this will be more compelling and engaging. But time will tell.”

According to Eskridge, he is currently casting girls who will to play in the league. The girls will move into a mansion where they will have tryouts for the league. If the show and the first season of Bikini Hockey are successful, he plans to branch out to more cities.

Here’s a little more information from the press release.

“The idea of a bikini hockey league came to Tulsan Cary Eskridge back in 2004 when the National Hockey League lockout occurred. The lack of major league hockey left the media scrambling to fill the void of hockey news and fans looking for other forms of entertainment…. Eskridge has an extensive hockey background and feels now is the time to finally breathe life into his long-time dream. Eskridge has a background in video production and has also owned inline hockey leagues on and off for the past 20 years and believes the Bikini Hockey League could bring back the popularity and awareness of inline hockey to the mainstream and introduce new fans to a great sport.”

Eskridge said that he doesn’t have a network lined-up but several stations have shown interest in the idea.

Would you watch the bikini hockey league?