Can Jay Z's Ace of Spades Compete In The World Of Pinot Noirs

Can Jay Z’s New Ace Of Spades Compete In The World Of Pinot Noirs?

Over time Jay Z has proven himself to be more than your run of the mill rapper. From “Reasonable Doubt” to today, Jay Z has morphed into the consummate businessman. One half of a power couple that includes Beyonce, Jay Z is definitely in an Empire-building state of mind. With the release of streaming service Tidal, whose return on investment remains to be seen, Jay Z is continuing to diversify his portfolio with the launch of his newest venture, Armand de Brignac Ace of Spades Champagne, the brand that made a cameo in Jay Z’s “Show Me What You Got” video. But unlike music streaming services, the pinot noir world is crowded and Jay Z’s brand will have to fight for prominence among consumers.

Jay Z, who, according to NME, defended TIDAL against criticism, is following familiar footsteps of other rappers with beverage brands. While Jay Z is not the first rapper to come out with his own line of sips, his might be the only one with a price tag of $750. According to Bloomberg, Jay Z’s blanc de noirs exudes excess. Available for pre-order, production of Jay Z’s Ace of Spades is reportedly limited to 3,000 bottles, giving it the air of exclusivity and esteem of being a “limited edition” find, thus justifying the price tag for champagne connoisseurs. Touted as the “rarest champagne” and a “must-have for any champagne collector,” Jay Z’s Ace of Spades champagne is blended as a classic.

Expected to hit shelves in October, curious champagne sippers will have enough time before the holidays to determine if they want to stock up on Jay Z’s ‘fancy juice’. But how will it stack up against wine industry’s current favorites? Entering the market place as a pinot noir, Jay Z’s latest venture will face stiff competition against the top pinots including wine enthusiasts’ top rated pinot noir, a 2007 Williams Selyem Litton Estate Vineyard, which only clocks in at $100 and boasts “complex flavors” and “complicating notes” compared to the “rich” notes and “subtle tannins” of Jay Z’s Ace of Spades.

However, if you’re more into the drinking of pinot noirs rather than the image associated with drinking pinot noirs, Reverse Wine Snob lists best brands under $20 on its Pinot for the 99 list. The list, referring to those in the 99 percent who can’t drink $800 champagne, Germany’s Valckenberg Undone, France’s Arrogant Frog and Sonoma Coast’s La Crema.

While Jay Z’s Ace of Spades Champagne didn’t make Fortune‘s list of “must try pinot noirs,” the brand’s Ace of Spades Rose did make it to Fox’s Top 10 Prestige Champagnes, sealing Jay Z’s champagne as more a mark of prestige, a drink for special occasions, like when TIDAL turns a profit. Until that happens, Jay Z will most likely drinking Ace of Spades while bumping his TIDAL-only Summer Sauce 2 playlist.

(Photo courtesy Armand de Brignac wesbite)