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Jeremy Mayfield Ordered To Pay $1 Million After Dogs Attack Postal Carrier

Jeremy Mayfield Dog Attack

Former NASCAR Sprint Cup driver Jeremy Mayfield has been ordered to pay $1 million to a postal carrier who was attacked at his country home by his five free-roaming dogs back in 2011.

Court documents indicate that on April 21, 2011, Mary E. Bolton drove onto Mayfield’s property in order to deliver a package that was too large for the mailbox. After driving passed “Beware of Dog” and “No Trespassing” signs, the carrier was attacked by five dogs. The dogs, which were pit bull/Labrador mixes, mauled the woman until Jeremy, who was home at the time of the incident, scared the dogs away and carried Bolton into his home where he dialed 911.

Emergency services transported Bolton to a local hospital where she was treated for her injuries. Animal control authorities confiscated and euthanized Mayfield’s dogs after the ordeal.

As a result of the mauling, Mary was unable to work for several months and lost an estimated $14,000 in income. She also now suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as well as nerve damage.

Mayfield has offered to reimburse the postal worker for her medical expenses, however, he did not show up in court or file or a formal answer to Bolton’s charge of negligence for allowing his dogs to roam freely on the property.

While former NASCAR driver Mayfield did express regret over the situation, he did note that he moved to the country specifically to allow his dogs to run free on his rural property, which is located nearly one-mile from the road. He was quoted having said:

“I’m far enough off the road to not get messed with. My dogs never left that property, yet I’ve got a $1 million judgment against me.”

Jeremy Mayfield has indicated that he hasn’t filed a response because he is unable to afford to hire an attorney for this incident, let alone his other criminal charges. In regards to the predicament that he finds himself in, he was quoted having said:

“If I had $1 million to give away, I wouldn’t be in this situation.”

Mayfield was suspended from NASCAR back in 2009 after testing positive for methamphetamine. While he protested his innocence at the time, drivers Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson conveyed their concern with sharing the track with an inebriated Mayfield.

What do you think of the Forsyth County, N.C., Superior Court judge’s ruling in which Jeremy Mayfield has been ordered to pay $1 million to the postal carrier who disregarded the “Beware of Dog” and “No Trespassing” signs on his property and was attacked by his free roaming dogs as she ventured onto the former NASCAR driver’s private property?

Jeremy Mayfield Meth Interview Video:

Source: Y! Sports News

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27 Responses to “Jeremy Mayfield Ordered To Pay $1 Million After Dogs Attack Postal Carrier”

  1. Lorenzo Haskins

    Really Jeremy Mayfield…..It was a letter carrier, they deliver mail to private property. That is what the Postal Service does.

  2. Brent Tierney

    Every rural postal carrier knows you do not deliver parcels to homes that are further than 1/2 mile off of your route. You leave the parcel at the post office and leave the home owner a notice.

  3. Steve James

    Dumb ass Mayfield it is called a gate and You need it to be kept shut. Yes I know Mr nascar You think You should not have to pay. I bet You will not even miss it.

  4. Brent Hiser

    Mayfield has a judement against him because he failed to represent himself in court or hire an attorney to do so. he is a dumbass. you MUST show up or get a default judgement against you. he would have won that easily. too bad his brain pickled from smoking Drano. dumbass.

  5. Joy Dampier Fields

    I feel terrible for Jeremy Mayfield. It seems like when you're already down people want to start getting their licks in too. One mistake sets all the sharks to swimming. Keep hanging on, Jeremy. Not everyone's out to get you.

  6. Bob Wolcott

    this judgement is total crap.He went to the trouble of living far back from any road, put up signs and so on. It was unfortunate that she was attacked but c'mon…there is no justice or common sense in the justice system.

  7. Kat Lewis

    When you post a "beward of dog" sign, you are saying that you know your dog will attack. The signs didn't help him, although the no trespassing should have. Sucks to be him.

  8. Tim Thomas

    a liberal ass judge ordered him to pay the $1 million….Mayfield did not cause this problem….some dumbass mail carrier did

  9. George Cooperrider

    Did he have a fence around his property?
    If not it is on him.
    If so then she should have just put a note on the mailbox & leave the box at the post office.
    At least he was man enough to offer to pay her dr. bills.

  10. Lisa Kozak

    This is just wrong. His property, posted signs warning that there are dogs on it and still this vulture ventures onto it. When she is attacked, he offers help, offers to pay med bills and now this person claims PTSD and wants a million dollars from him? TOO BAD! She knew the risks.
    Postal carriers are instructed to return packages to their main hub when they aren't able to fit it in the mailboxes. She purposely enter his property, therefore she went against work policy and ignored his warnings he posted on his own land and is responsible for her own actions and injuries. The judgement is ridiculous and he needs to somehow fight this.
    Not all of us are here to kick you when you're down, Jeremy.

  11. Martina Andres White

    thats what the signs are for! she knew there were dogs and went ahead anyways. she got what she deserves

  12. Larel Kiba

    Martina Andres White Don't you think it's kinda harsh to say she deserved to be mauled? It wasn't a smart move on her part but I wouldn't say she got what she deserved. She definitely didn't deserve to win that judgement, in my opinion.

  13. Larel Kiba

    Martina Andres White Don't you think it's kinda harsh to say she deserved to be mauled? It wasn't a smart move on her part but I wouldn't say she got what she deserved. She definitely didn't deserve to win that judgement, in my opinion.

  14. Marlene Lake

    He was out in the country and a mile off the road. The law doesn't require a fence around your property. The dogs were on his property. She is an adult and disregared all the signs. I was brought up in the country and was taught that you do not go onto someone's property if signs are posted telling you not to be there. He did everything by the law telling everyone not to come onto his property, that applies to mail carriers too!

  15. Marlene Lake

    Lorenzo she read the signs and disregareded them, period! She should have left a note in his mailbox and taken the pkg back to the post office!

  16. Ann Fisher

    So let me get this straight going by this account if someone climbed my fence & came into my yard and one of my dogs bite them it's my fault? I know, but considering how far off the road his house is it's kind of the same thing. This is nuts.

  17. Paul Enfield

    So if someone comes on my fenced property & gets bit by my dog it could cost me? or is that just for mail carriers? what about UPS, Fed Ex,DHL & not to mention door to door sales…OMG when do girl scout cookie sales start?

  18. Mark North

    The carrier should have left a notification card and taken the package back to the p.o. Wonder why she didn't follow the post office rules and ignored the warning signs?

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