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Kyle Busch and Kevin Harvick: Darlington Raceway Set For Round Two

Kyle Busch Kevin Harvick

Kyle Busch, known by his nickname “Rowdy,” and Kevin Harvick have never gotten along, especially not during last year’s Darlington Southern 500, where an on-track confrontation spilled over onto pit road after the race was over.

While the hot-headed driver has never been known for a calm temper, analysts are wondering if we will see a rematch during Saturday night’s race (probably because Busch is getting tired of being called to the Sprint hauler after a race).

That hasn’t stopped Darlington track president Chris Browning from marketing the night race as “Round Two” of “Rowdy” Busch vs. “The Hitman” Harvick.

He even stated that he knew from the moment the two tangled on-track that it would a fantastic way to market the 2012 race. Along with their on-track tangle, Harvick blocked Bush on pit road after the race, crawled from his car, and punched Busch in the face.

The (pride)injured driver then pushed the number 29 out of his way, and left the scene. Fans, of course, cheered for both drivers. From that moment, Browning knew he had found his ad campaign.

Browning remembers:

“I told our guys, ‘Look, our creative (thinking) is done. This is what we need to do.'”

So what do Kyle Busch and Kevin Harvick think of the campaign?

When asked about it at Richmond, Busch remarked:

“I think it’s dumb. It’s pretty stupid.”

For once, it seems, the two agree. Harvick explained that it’s much easier to race, and focus on winning, when not in the middle of a controversy. He went on to say:

“It’s just easier to not to have to answer the questions from your sponsors, or your team.”

As for the consequences of the so-called “Round One” at Darlington, both drivers were fined $25,000, and were placed on probation. Just a few weeks later though, the two were at it again, fighting at Pocono, until NASCAR came on both drivers’ radios, telling them to cool it.

While they will most likely never be friends, I’m sure NASCAR hopes that Kyle Busch and Kevin Harvick behave themselves during Saturday’s running of the Southern 500 at Darlington.

Check out footage of last year’s altercation here:

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18 Responses to “Kyle Busch and Kevin Harvick: Darlington Raceway Set For Round Two”

  1. David Lee Pope

    the hitman isn't going to put up with any of kyle busches dirty cheating ways in the race. you notice that kyle knows better then to mess with tony stewart. if busch drives dirty then put him in the wall. he will get the message sooner or later.

  2. Tom Dolan

    Harvick is not much of a driver. He wins his races riding other peoples coattails (Ty Dillon) and by hiding in the back and staying out of the confrontational avenues until he can sneak up to the front at the end of the race. May be good strategy, but not good racing, that is the name of the sport, Racing. He is an Earnhart wannabe, but he'll never have the integrity of Junior. Anyone can race Harvick style, just change the name of the sport to hide and seek.

  3. Virginia Miller

    To tell you the truth, I don't like either driver, but they should really remember that there are families there with their children, and children look up to these drivers. They need to learn to show a little better sportmanship on the track and leave the fighting for somewhere off camera.

  4. Lester Null

    Yeah let's protect those little children from all the little wrongs in life, so they grow up and think the world is a terriffic place to be…

  5. Lester Null

    Hahaha Heehehe, he said intregrity and Junior in the same sentence… He's lucky he's even an Earnhardt…

  6. Lester Null

    Busch has been put in the wall more than any driver on the track, get your facts strait… Harvick put Busch in the wall last year at Darlington, that's why this mess happened… Who cares if Bowyer rode him up the track, Harvick still never backed off, and hince Bowyer and Harvick squeezed Busch right into the wall… Too bad Harvick got his car's nose bloodied on pit road…

  7. David Lee Pope

    Lester Null your facts seem to be not so good. i don't care how many times busch has been in the wall. the dirty way he drives he should be in the wall every race. so don't come to me with rap like you just sent. busch is also a coward outside his car. that is why he took the cowards way out when he hit harvicks car. a man would have got out and faced harvick. that yellow streak down his back was on video for everyone to see

  8. Fran Russell

    Why do people always consider Busch a "dirty" driver by wrecking drivers, but you same people are probably big fans of Earnhart Sr…. same type of drivers in my book.

  9. Derrik Strickler

    Your entire post is a contradiction. First off, Ty Dillon was all of 9 years old when Harvick started his first Cup race. Riding Coattails? Second, in order to win races you must first finish races. Staying out of confrontation is a pretty good way to do that. Third, Earnhardt wannabe? I've never seen Harvick intentionally, blatently wreck somebody for a win, then half apologize/half brag about it during the post-race interview. Mr. Dolan, what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

  10. William Adkins

    Two things,,,,,,,, Baby Kyle bush should be banned from Nascar, and Toyota does not belong in Nascar. And why does Toyota not belong? Nascar engines are "push rod" engines based on production models from the manufacturers. To the best of my knowledge,,,, Toyota NEVER built a production "Push Rod V8" engine for any of their cars, or pick-ups either for that matter! I realize most of you reading this have no idea what a "push rod" engine is, but oh well.

  11. Anonymous

    Derrik Strickler A simple wrong would have done just fine but thank you. HAHA Great post. Dolan's an idiot!

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