Kyle Busch Kevin Harvick

Kyle Busch and Kevin Harvick: Darlington Raceway Set For Round Two

Kyle Busch, known by his nickname “Rowdy,” and Kevin Harvick have never gotten along, especially not during last year’s Darlington Southern 500, where an on-track confrontation spilled over onto pit road after the race was over.

While the hot-headed driver has never been known for a calm temper, analysts are wondering if we will see a rematch during Saturday night’s race (probably because Busch is getting tired of being called to the Sprint hauler after a race).

That hasn’t stopped Darlington track president Chris Browning from marketing the night race as “Round Two” of “Rowdy” Busch vs. “The Hitman” Harvick.

He even stated that he knew from the moment the two tangled on-track that it would a fantastic way to market the 2012 race. Along with their on-track tangle, Harvick blocked Bush on pit road after the race, crawled from his car, and punched Busch in the face.

The (pride)injured driver then pushed the number 29 out of his way, and left the scene. Fans, of course, cheered for both drivers. From that moment, Browning knew he had found his ad campaign.

Browning remembers:

“I told our guys, ‘Look, our creative (thinking) is done. This is what we need to do.'”