Brad Pitt To Be The New Face Of Chanel Perfume No. 5

Brad Pitt is officially the new face of Chanel Perfume No. 5.

Taking to Twitter yesterday, the French house of high fashion announced that the 47-year old A-list celebrity will be the (not too shabby looking) face of the new advertising campaign set to be released at some point later this year.

According to E! News, Pitt is set to begin shooting his first ad for the perfume starting in London sometime this week.

This will be a first for the iconic brand as a man has never been chosen to represent the unmistakable scent that is Chanel Perfume No. 5.

Remaining one of the world’s top-selling fragrances, Chanel has had the likes of Australian actress Nicole Kidman to represent the the perfume, as well as French actresses Catherine Deneuve and Audrey Tautou.

The most notable face of the fragrance however would be that of the actual designer of the brand, Coco Chanel. The founding designer beautifully graced the ads for the company’s oldest fragrance in 1937 when the product tag read, “A woman must smell like a woman, and not a rose.”

Whether or not that will be the tag line for Pitt’s new venture is yet to be seen.

Early reports indicate that the father of six will be bringing home a handsome paycheck of over seven figures for serving as the face of this classic fashion brand.

Do you feel that the Chanel brand is making a mistake in having a man represent the fragrance?

Or is this a brilliant marketing decision to that will draw more women into buying their product?