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Rihanna Hospitalized Following Late Night of Partying at 2012 Met Gala

US Weekly reports that just days after ditching her “Saturday Night Live” dress rehearsal, the Disturbia singer was rushed to a hospital in New York City on Monday night after attending the Met Gala, the East Coast’s hottest fashion event of the year.

Rihianna confirmed the news on Twitter yesterday, posting a pic of her arm attached to what appeared to be an IV drip — after a fan asked why she had been skimping on her usual barrage of updates regarding her life.
rihanna hospitalized 2012 exhaustion

While RiRi didn’t go into details as to why she was in the hospital, a source told Entertainment Tonight the singer had a fever and flu since last week and needed an IV but is fine now. MediaTakeOut later added that she was suffering from “exhaustion and dehydration.”

Following her startling tweet and brief hospitalization Tuesday, Rihanna was back on her virtual feet shortly afterward. She posted a photo of herself on an airport runway before her flight back to Los Angeles.

“My ride home,” she tweeted. “NY days LA nights.”

According to US Weekly, the post-Met Gala incident wasn’t RiRi’s first time being hospitalized due to fatigue and illness. In November of 2011, Rihanna was forced to cancel two shows in Stockholm, Sweden due to similar symptoms.

Coincidentally, the 24-year-old Barbados native tweeted a similar picture at the time to her fans in which she can be seen with an IV drip in her arm.

Readers chime in: Do you think Rihanna’s partying is getting out of control? While it’s clear she’s set on maintaining a bad girl image, do you think she will regret it in years to come?

via US Weekly