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TSA Breaks Teens Insulin Pump During Forced Full-Body Scanner Examination

Full Body Scanner Ruins Teens Insulin Pump

A Denver teen was forced to go through a full-body scanner by Transporation Safety Administration (TSA) officials even after she produced a notice from her doctor clearly stating that she could not be subjected to the scanner for medical reasons. Savannah Barry, 16, says that after requesting a pat down she was denied that request and forced to be scanned with her $10,000 insulin pump attached.

After the screening Barry felt something was wrong and called her mother, who in turn contacted the insulin pump’s producer. The manufacturer told her mom that Savannah had to immediately remove the pump as soon as she landed because full-body scanners can cause damage tot he device’s software, interfering with how the pump delivers the right doses of insulin.

Speaking to ABC 7 a staff attorney for the American Diabetics Associations says this isn’t an uncommon threat and that cases such as Barry’s “aren’t isolated incidences. They are occurring across the country, and we think that a way of ending that is to have better training by TSA.”

The random full-body scan for Savannah Barry was instigated because she was carrying a juice box to held control her insulin levels.

After the incident Savannah’s mom told MSNBC:

“It’s bigger than diabetes — there are other people with other medical conditions that need to opt for the pat-down. That’s why we’re questioning the education and training of these agents.”

The TSA in the meantime has requested a conference call with the family to discuss the issue and hopefully to issue a $10,000 payment for their stupidity.

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53 Responses to “TSA Breaks Teens Insulin Pump During Forced Full-Body Scanner Examination”

  1. Katherine Kalena Sarah Robinson

    OMG really they should have fired the personnel that conducted said search and took thebpayment for that pump out of their ass. Those pumps are rediculously expensive and I would have slap went through the roof over it. I can't even imagine why someone untrue right mind would still force the issue even after a doctors note was provided. But then again people in this world really don't care anymore.

  2. Chelsea Lancaster

    This is so sad. I understand that we have these machines for a reason, but when there are medical risks involved in the full body scanners, the TSA should not make the person go through, especially if there is no other proof of threat than a juice box.

  3. Nancy King

    This is just wrong on soo many levels, Make the person who would not allow the pat down pay for the pump out of pocket & they will learn real fast before they do it to anyone else.

  4. Carin Rutherford

    It's ridiculousness that TSA agents aren't being appropriately trained for insulin devices such as Hannah's. If I were her parents, I would want more from TSA than the replaced $10,000 device that was damaged by a full-body scanner. They put the 16 year old through the scanner because she was holding a juice box! Are you kidding me?

  5. Celia Crecy

    This is what happens when you have ppl in positions that require critical thinking that are not properly educated. Minimum wage workers usually arent educated enough to understand the consequences of their actions

  6. Rose Marie Golden

    Now, the next move is force someone through the scanner and the result is their death–how will they handle that? Now we are as taxpayers are going to have to pay for their stupidity. I don't see where there training has paid off very well.

  7. Seek Up-Grasshopper

    *Hopefully* compensate? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

  8. Tracie Sherman

    I can't imagine this stupidity. George Soros should have to pay for it after all the millions of dollars he made off those machines. I say we run him through it and give him a strip search with body cavity inspection. Resign the TSA!

  9. Tracie Sherman

    I can't imagine this stupidity. George Soros should have to pay for it after all the millions of dollars he made off those machines. I say we run him through it and give him a strip search with body cavity inspection. Resign the TSA!

  10. Carin Rutherford

    Celia, you're absolutely right! These people are not doctors and should not be making a call such as this. And as Rose Marie Golden said, these type of mistakes could result in death. This was my intent (where I was going) when I said I would want more from the TSA if I were one of the parents in this situation. They have to understand the consequences of their actions, and I don't believe a measly $10,000 machine replacement is going to cause the TSA to change the way they operate… It's going to take more than that. If I were the parent, I'd charge the person with something much more substantial than the loss of some device; such as attempted murder on my daughters' life, which possibly could have been the case had things went in another direction with the 16 yr old.

  11. Jeff Schlagel

    Ya neither is a the bombs that the ragheads carry on to the planes. The underwear bomber that tried to blow up a plane a few days ago. The TSA was helped catch this guy. Where do you gets your news from?

  12. Linda Hamm

    If she was on a flight where she needed her insulin and the scanner either stopped delivery or gave her too much insulin it very easily could have resulted in a death investigation.

  13. Su Smith

    OMG the comment police in action. PLEASE give it a rest… people are emotional when they comment and sometimes that makes them misspell etc. When you are elected to be the sheriff say something until then give it a rest!
    Or rather giv it a redt

  14. Teri Godfrey

    Su Smith Wow Su – you must have sucked at spelling too. I was referring to the idiot that wrote the article. I can't put much credence into someone whose report is riddled with misspellings.

  15. Gregory Gusse

    I suffered a heart attack after being subjected to the scanner…these microwave scanners are a dangerous tool and testing on humans is just not right.

  16. Gregory Gusse

    I suffered a heart attack after being subjected to the scanner…these microwave scanners are a dangerous tool and testing on humans is just not right.

  17. Mark Lurtsema

    Its only a matter of time before they kill someone

  18. Su Smith

    Jeff Schlagel- Same place you do… only we perceive it different. How Many freedoms are you willing to give up in the name of safety and (?) Freedom… SHEEP to the slaughter

  19. Terri Ann

    k, but I'm not volunteering to do the search!

  20. Tracie Sherman

    Terri Ann – Me either, but I bet we have some willing participants, lol!

  21. John J Council

    what an incredibloy ignorant comment. STFU

  22. John J Council

    The way to stop this is stop flying. A national boycott of airlines. In turn, the people with real money-the airlines- will put pressure on the TSA to change.

  23. Tracie Sherman

    John J Council – I think you mean informed comment. Apparently you don't believe in freedom of speech, either. I do have the right to say what I want and you have the right to hide behind your trolling profile and make stupid comments yourself. Grow up and read the Constitution, boy.

  24. Anne Warren

    They need to contract with medical personnel to provide legitimate medical assistance who can be utilized when there is any question of medical need or the suitability of medical equipment or supplies to handle these situations. That way if there is any medical problem going on or a risk of damage or effect of the screening devices on the person before disaster occurs. They could provide 1st aid or other measures at the site and prove legitimacy of the device and have the decisions and processes done based on medical factors not just an overinflated ego of an untrained TSA worker. I remember being one of the privileged travelors who was "selected" to be the recipient of the extended ssearch. I had been in a serious accident 4 days before and had contusions (large bruises) from shoulders to toes. I was offered the chance to go to a private room but was not not feeling well and wanted it over with-I did not know I was a new diabetic at the tme. She started with her hands at my waste over the clothes and I winced. She quickly realized that I was bruised body wide and told her supervisioor-they agreed that my story was appropriate and let me go. I wold not have been traveling except for some legal issues concerning my grandkids. I would have had nowhere to stay or money for food, other needs-I was noone special just another fat old broad. I was lucky-they were polite but did take away my water container that I neeeded due a a medical issue that requires me to use the water to help with swallowing due to a medical surgical error and makes me choke-I had to pay 2.00 for another one.

  25. Norma Jean Almodovar

    Jeff Schlagel The underwear bomb was assigned to a government informant… the informant didn't even purchase a ticket- he went to his handlers with the bomb and the information… or can't you read that far? Did not try to blow up a plane- did not get on a plane, did not go through a TSA check point.

  26. Jeff Schlagel

    Nina Broekhuizen You underwear is crediably inaccurate.

  27. Jamie Wilson

    They offer $10,000 for a new pump! They should pay her a lot more for her stress, worry, etc. What would have happened if the plane took longer to get to where she was going? What if she was recieving to much insulin? What if she was not getting enough? There is a lot to think about what could have happened. TSA need to be held laible for the supidity of their employees. They need to train them with more knowledge when it comes to medical issues. The girl could have went into a coma and died. What would they say then?

  28. Mary Rules

    Jeff misses the point of my news article-the TSA had nothing to do with the "bomber" because he never even got to the airport. So, it's not relevant.

  29. Nina Broekhuizen

    That guy was a double agent wasnt he? My point is they should not be allowed to feel you up or steal your belongings. i was flying out of DFW and this thieving heifer took some of my Mary Kay facial products. They were in the appropriate containers, were the allowable size but she wanted them so she took them. You cant argue with them either. She was a thief plain and simple. No one higher up the food chain was available…they must have been stealing from someone else…This woman didnt take the Nicole Miller products because they were in the same type of container, same weight/size. She was too ignorant to know that the Nicole Miller was a higher priced items. Of course i wrote in a complaint and even mentioned the items that were not stolen but nothing. They are thieves every last one of them. Those "Xray" machines…who regulates them, how often? Are they frying us? They have chimps that road the short buses to school operating them. what happened to our rights? And how does everyone like the new EXTRA $100 a large bag fee. when the airline industry was DEregulated under Reagan that was the start of the whole thing going down the toliet….and it's still flushing…..thank you for allowing me my rant…I'll bring a soap box next time.

  30. Jeff Schlagel

    Mary the TSA conducts investigations and was involved in this one, Mary. You must be a lefty, I can tell. So they were revevant, but now your comment isn't. Your turn.

  31. Jeff Schlagel

    Nina & Mary, if you can answer this honestly. Front now on we will have two lines at the airport. One plane will have a sign that says "This line is goes to a plane that is not searched by the TSA." The other will say "Security messures will be done here by the TSA" Which plane would you pick? And I am sure both of you will have some smart ass answer to avoid the question because thats what lefties do. Or you will the none protected plane because you don't want to be wrong. Or you will go off on another topic.

  32. Nina Broekhuizen

    Security measures are one thing a free feel up is another….wait till some nasty perverts put their hands on your little girls and DAD you cant say a word. they arent all pervs but they are lots that are. It does happen.

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