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Kelly Thomas Beating Video Introduced As Evidence In Homeless Man’s Murder Trial

Kelly Thomas Beating Video

Video evidence in which Fullerton police can be seen beating Kelly Thomas, a mentally ill homeless man, was introduced for the first time in the second day of a preliminary hearing to determine whether two police officers should be ordered to stand trial for beating Thomas to death.

The Kelly Thomas beating video shows the schizophrenic laying on the ground without a shirt on as uniformed police officers hit him with fists, a baton, and the butt of a stun gun. The violent encounter, which occurred outside of a bus depot to which the Fullerton police were called to investigate a homeless man breaking into vehicles, landed Kelly in the hospital where he later died.

During the terrifying ordeal, 37-year-old Thomas screams out:

“Dad, they are killing me!”

Those two polices charged in Kelly’s death, Manuel Ramos and Cpl. Jay Cicinelli, have both plead not guilty as their defense insists the death was the fault of St. Jude hospital in Fullerton, C.A., where he was taken following the violent altercation.

Defense attorney John Barnett questioned trauma surgeon Dr. Michael Lewaka, the chief trauma surgeon at UCI where Kelly was later transferred, confirmed that paramedics had informed him that doctors at St. Jude hospital had struggled with the insertion of a breathing tube. He indicated that were a breathing tube not quickly inserted into the patient, it could lead to a low level of oxygen in the blood, and eventually death, however, he said records did not indicate any such problem. Lewaka was quoted by the L.A. Times having testified:

“They did everything right.”

Kelly Thomas Beating Video:

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One Response to “Kelly Thomas Beating Video Introduced As Evidence In Homeless Man’s Murder Trial”

  1. Christopher Koulouris

    Ultimately one has to wonder about the attitude not only of officers to the mentally challenged and those deemed to be living on the socially peripheral but to what extent they have crossed the line in their duty and in essence have become the criminals that they have supposed themselves to be protecting society in the first place against. Then again it’s no paradox that some of the best police officers are the ones with the most criminal minds….

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