Tracy Morgan Wheelchair Bound After Flu Symptoms In Denver

Tracy Morgan Wheelchair-Bound At Airport, Blames Flu-Like Symptoms

Funnyman and 30 Rock star Tracy Morgan was not laughing this weekend when he was forced to ride in a wheelchair at a Colorado airport after he fell sick for the second time in the last four months while visiting the Rockies.

Morgan was rushed to a local Denver hospital on Saturday when he complained of flu-like symptoms and dehydration, after being treated the TV star was released just several hours later.

After heading to the airport Tracy Morgan was assigned a wheelchair which he used to transport himself to his flights boarding gate.

Reaching his flight Tracy boarded the plane and made his way back home to New York City so he could get some much needed rest.

In the meantime fans of the funnyman were left without a performance on Saturday night when his comedy act was cancelled because of the medical emergecy.

In January Tracy Morgan was attending the Sundance Film Festival in Utah when he fell unconscious, something he later attributed to altitude sickness.

Regardless for the reason of his hospitalization questions are always raised when Tracy Morgan is hospitalized after he underwent a kidney transplant that he kept from his fans for several months.

Morgan is now back in New York City and is said to be doing fine. As a fan of 30 Rock I wish him the best of luck, it might not be kidney failure but the flu sucks no matter how you look at it.

Are you a fan of Tracy Morgan and his 30 Rock shenanigans?