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Martha Stewart Joins ‘2 Broke Girls’ For Season Finale [Video]

2 broke girls

Beth Behrs and Kat Dennings will be joined by Martha Stewart tonight for the season finale of “2 Broke Girls” on CBS.

“2 Broke Girls, which follows two struggling waitresses who have hope to one day open a cupcake shop, is known for making frequent sex jokes. The Toronto Sun reports that last weeks episode had 21 jokes about sex and this week should be more of the same. Beth Behrs said that the she was a little embarrassed telling all of the dirty jokes during rehearsals with Martha Stewart sitting next to her.

Behrs said:

“(Show creator) Michael Patrick King said it was the first time when he seen me at a table read ever shy away from the dirty stuff. Like my face would get red and nervous sitting next to her because I felt so embarrassed and like we had to be very proper. But she’s hilarious. Her comedic timing blew me away. She was funny. I was quite impressed.”

The Toronto Sun reports that the one-hour finale of “2 Broke Girls” features Max (Dennings) and Caroline (Behrs) stalking Martha Stewart at the Metropolitan Museum of Art with the hope of having the TV icon taste one of their cupcakes.

Here’s a preview of tonight’s episode.

Do you watch “2 Broke Girls?” Are you a fan of Martha Stewart? The season premiere airs tonight on CBS at 8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT.

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