2012 Talladega Winner: Brad Keselowski Wins Over Kyle Busch [Video]

Victor Johnson

, a 28-year-old Michigan born race car driver and team owner, contradicted popular belief when he lead on the last lap and proceeded to take the win at Talladega Superspeedway.

The 2012 Talladega winner was the first driver in the last five Talladega races to take the white flag and the hold onto the lead to take home the win. Keselowski was quoted by The Associated Press having said:

“I had this whole plan if I ever got in that situation where I was leading; I thought about it and thought about it, dreamed about what to do, and sure enough, going into (turn) three, it was just me and Kyle. I knew the move I wanted to pull. It worked because the guy running second should have the advantage, but I had this move all worked up in my mind.”

After pulling high into the third turn at Talladega, Keselowski pulled off of Busch’s bumper and left Busch’s No. 18 car in the dust. Busch initially seemed bewildered by what had just occurred, he was later quoted having said:

“I must have screwed something up, because we got to turn three and came unhooked. Just gave the win away over there. Not sure exactly what happened. We definitely need to go back and figure out what it was.”

A nine-car wreck occurred with only four laps remaining. As a result, Eric McClure was taken to the hospital in order to be treated for injuries. His sister who is coincidentally his public relations representative indicated that he was in stable condition on Sunday.

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Brad Keselowski 2012 Talladega Win Video: