WWE Meeting With Destination America--NXT On Television?

WWE Rumor: WWE To Meet With Destination America — Looking To Get NXT On Television?

With Destination America becoming a popular location for professional wrestling, there is a rumor that WWE may be the latest promotion to have its product aired on that channel.

According LordsOfPain, there is a rumor going around that WWE is set to meet with Destination America executives about hosting some of their secondary, lower tier programs, including Superstars and Main Event. Both of those programs have been off of television for quite some time, and if WWE can find the right network in the United States, they would like to have one or both of those shows on television again.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Destination America, which currently airs Ring of Honor and IMPACT Wrestling, is set to drop both promotions later this year. While Ring of Honor may be able to make the cut, IMPACT has been a hot topic for months and will almost certainly no longer be a part of the channel’s weekly programming. But Ring of Honor was taken off its Primetime slot last week, and the promotion will remain there for now, raising questions about their future on television, as well.

The report goes on to mention that while the WWE/Destination America negotiations are rumors, they have been a hot topic in the industry as of late. The biggest rumor coming from the report is that WWE might have “floated the idea” of having NXT aired on Destination America.

While that idea might make fans happy, it might not make the most sense in the world right now. Currently, NXT is one of the main attractions on the WWE Network. Putting the product on Destination America, a channel that is a part of the Discovery Network but currently not available to everybody wouldn’t be all that smart. Therefore, the WWE would be alienating the customers who pay $9.99 every month to see NXT every four weeks. Also, WWE Network’s availability is greater than that of Destination America but it’s always possible that WWE air NXT on both the network and television.

The proposition may not make sense for WWE, but Destination America would likely jump at the chance to have NXT on its network. The brand has grown so much in the last few years, and many people view it as a separate entity from WWE. With less established companies like TNA and ROH struggling to draw an audience, getting NXT would likely solve the ratings problem in short order.

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