Wafls: Location-Based Reminder App Is More Than Groceries And Waffles

Wafls: Time/Location-Based Reminder App Is More Than Groceries And Eggo Waffles

Wafls is a time and location-based reminder app which is designed to notify you based upon your GPS coordinates. In short, this app can help prevent you from forgetting those favorite items on the grocery list. Can’t forget the waffles or the honey-do list, after all.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, another app startup called Track Track literally lets people track anything, from President Obama’s location to their vacation stops.

Wafls creator Cass Shields says he came up with this reminder app when he forgot to pick up some blueberry waffles from Safeway.

“The idea of this app came about with my then two-year-old daughter Kiah,” he explained. “I kept going to the grocery store and I would always forget the waffles. Waffles are like The Holy Grail in my house, specifically the blueberry Eggo ones. When I’d arrive home from the store Kiah would get upset that I forgot the waffles and this happened on several occasions.”

Needless to say, he got to keep the children happy.

Cass Shields Wafls
Cass Shields, inventor of Wafls [Image via Cass Shields]

The Wafls inventor realized none of the current reminder apps met his requirements.

“So I wanted to develop an app that would remind me based on a location and I could customize the reminder to fit my lifestyle,” he said. “I’ve tried using several different apps effectively but they just aren’t smart enough. So I decided to do something about it.”

Shields says his long term goal is to keep reminders and memories relevant.

“With so much information conduits out there now many people get bombarded with reminders/memories at irrelevant intervals in their life,” he said. “With location focused technology we should take advantage of keeping information fresh and relevant. Users of all ages with be able to take advantage of this product.”

In order to complete the development of Wafls, Shields has started a GoFundMe fundraiser campaign. He says “the app is about 40 percent complete and I’m looking to raise the remaining capital to complete development.” Shields says he is also trying to get Eggo interested in the Wafls project, especially considering the idea came from their blueberry Eggo waffles.

[Images via Cass Shields]