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WWE Rumors: Top 10 ‘SummerSlam’ Rumors Going Around Right Now

WWE SummerSlam is going to be four hours this year because there is so much to fit into the show. The only problem is that there are less than three weeks to go until the event, and only one match is actually confirmed — Brock Lesnar vs. The Undertaker. Honestly, SummerSlam may go down as the PPV with the most rumors ever attached to it so let’s look at the top 10 that may or may not happen.

Please let it be known that these are nothing but rumors, and none of them may come true at all. Then again, some may come true, but they are what all the WWE talk is about.

1. The Undertaker will return to his biker gimmick – A lot of rumors are flying around for the Undertaker/Lesnar match, but will he really return to his biker gimmick? The new shirt available from WWE Shop sure makes a person stop and think.

wwe summerslam rumors undertaker biker

2. Bayley will join the Divas Revolution – Rumor had it she would show up on Monday Night Raw last night, but it didn’t end up happening. It looks like WWE is continuing its NXT Divas Revolution though, and Bayley would be a welcome addition.

3. A third member will join the Wyatt Family – This could certainly happen before SummerSlam too, but it’s going to eventually happen. With Adam Rose now being put into the “Beef Mode” tag team, it looks like Bo Dallas may be repacked and join up.

4. Daniel Bryan will return to the ring – He has been cleared by one of his doctors, but not by WWE docs. Also, WWE is said to have no creative plans for him at this time, but that could all be a swerve. Don’t look for Daniel Bryan to be back until maybe Survivor Series, but more than likely, Royal Rumble.

5. Ryback will vacate the Intercontinental Title or be squashed for it – After seeing the picture that Ryback posted of his leg and how swollen it is from the staph infection, he may not be ready by SummerSlam. If he can’t wrestler, Triple H will strip the title from him or have him show up and Big Show knock him out for it.

6. The Lucha Dragons will win the WWE Tag Titles – Even though the Prime Time Players deserved to win the titles, the belts just don’t seem as important as when they were with The New Day. Expect the belts to go back to the former champs or for the Lucha Dragons to win their first titles.

7. Seth Rollins will retain his WWE Title over John Cena and win the U.S. Title – Rollins set up the “Winner Take All” match last night and that means Cena’s broken nose won’t keep him out too long. It just seems hard to think that Cena will win…everything…again.

8. Sting will show up and do…something – No one really knows if Sting will appear or won’t appear. Maybe he will interfere in the Undertaker/Lesnar match or maybe during the Wyatt tag-team match. Perhaps he will help Stephen Amell against Stardust or maybe start something with Seth Rollins. Who knows?

9. Kevin Owens and Cesaro will steal the show – This will not only be extremely hard hitting, but expect it to be the match of the night. The crowd is going to be seriously into it, and if given enough time, these two future main eventers may contend for MOTY.

10. Kane will return as the “Big Red Machine” and attack Brock Lesnar or Seth Rollins – Brock Lesnar broke Kane’s ankle, but then Rollins embarrassed the big man even more. Kane will come back under the mask and exact his revenge on one or the other.

There is just so much not known about WWE SummerSlam, and it’s hard to believe that so little is in place. That’s the truth to it though, but soon, WWE will have a full card set and confirmed for the big four-hour event, and there will be more than just rumors.

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