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Sacred White Buffalo ‘Lightning Medicine Cloud’ Killed And Skinned

White Buffalo Lightning Medicine Cloud

, a rare non-albino white buffalo, was discovered killed and skinned at Lakota Ranch in Greenville, Texas.

The white male buffalo calf was considered scared to some local Native Americans. The chance a buffalo will be born white is said to be 1 in 10 million, Fox News reported.

Several agencies, including the Hunt County Sheriff’s Department, are currently investigating the murder of the sacred white buffalo owned by Arby Little Soldier.

Sheriff Randy Meeks indicated that he was notified of the crime by Texas Parks and Wildlife and that his office is currently investigating with the assistance of the National Indian Council as well the Department of Homeland Security. Due to the sensitive nature of the case, Meeks did not release any details pertaining to the ongoing investigation. Conscious of the significance of rituals and order in the Native American tribe, Meeks was quoted having said:

“Everything we did, we made a request and made sure it was fine with them out of respect for the tribal council.”

The day following the discovery of the killed and skinned white buffalo calf, the mother was also discovered dead.

Owner Little Soldier indicated that the animal was more than simply a symbol of hope and that his legend will live strong at the ranch at which it was born. The white buffalo was born roughly one rear prior to the gruesome murder on a ranch near Greenville, T.X., called Lakota Buffalo Ranch. Little soldier was quoted having said:

“My people – my brothers, my sisters – are hurt for what has happened here at this ranch. You don’t think things like this are going to happen to such a sacred animal, a sacred family.”

What are your thoughts on the tragic murder of this sacred white buffalo?
Lightning Medicine Cloud Naming Ceremony Video:

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26 Responses to “Sacred White Buffalo ‘Lightning Medicine Cloud’ Killed And Skinned”

  1. Ryan Smith

    This makes me sick. I hope they catch the responsible parties and throw their worthless hides in prison for a long, long time.

  2. Kelly Fitzgerald

    Brought me to tears. What beautiful animals. Praying for the owners to be comforted and for the spirit of the Lakota people to be strong.

  3. Anonymous

    This really saddens me. How can anyone have such disrespect for others sacred symbols of faith. What kind of message does this say of our local community? This will make all native people more determined.

  4. Andrea Selwood

    This is sickening. How can people be so cruel and disgusting. I hope someone skins them alive!

  5. Joy Rebello

    Angry and sickened by the cruelty and ignorance of this act. I seriously doubt this was as much a matter of offending another's beliefs as someone wanted a white buffalo rug. Trash. Absolute trash.

  6. Joy Rebello

    Angry and sickened by the cruelty and ignorance of this act. I seriously doubt this was as much a matter of offending another's beliefs as someone wanted a white buffalo rug. Trash. Absolute trash.

  7. Lori Malone

    I am so very sad. Can't not see through the tears.

  8. Anonymous

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  9. Roland Sutter

    To the @$#%&(^$# that committed this crime, may you suffer for the rest of your evil life, and when your sorry ass gets kicked into hell my initials will be on the boot that puts you there.YFJ.

  10. Sandra Schaefer

    This is a hate crime and a crime of greed. White buffalo robes will sell for 1 to 2 million on the underground international black market. This animal and indeed all our four legged brothers are sacred to my people, the Lakota, and we mourn, sacrifice and pray for each of these little brothers so viciously slaughtered for human malice, stupidity and greed. The Lakota have lost one more sacred symbol of our faith, our hope for our children and our culture. It is easy to understand in so gross, shallow and vile a society as America has become since our land was stolen, oh, dear, I guess I should have said, "Misappropriated" for the Caucasians to use as they see fit. Good thing we fed and helped them when they first came to our shores, else this country might be shore to shore tipis, longhouses wild buffalo herds running free, and humans living in harmony with nature! How long will Native Americans tolerate this senseless brutality against ourselves, our brothers, our chuldren and our culture to continue? The President has given N.A.S.A. a new mission, to enhance the self esteem of Muslims. What is wrong with enhancing or at least not destroying the culture of your own indigenous people? Keep sweeping this treatment not even inflicted on enemy combatants on our culture, and see how long it takes before you hear the sound of our moccasins approaching! Americans need to humble themselves and pray that the Great Spirit will hear them and heal them and their land while there is still time. Mitakuye oyasin! Sandy Schaefer, President of Native Americans For Social Justice, Roswell, New Mexico.

  11. Valerie Fletcher

    I'm sickened by this event. A brutal monster performed these horrific acts upon the animals. Someone evil who seeks to take joy and happiness away from others. I hope they find whoever did this, and skin this person alive, allowing them to die very slowly. They should make them watch videos of the white buffalo running around and having fun, while they are slowly skinning them.

  12. Valerie Fletcher

    I wonder if Ted Nugent killed the sacred white buffalo, he likes killing animals for a kick.

  13. Loren Cummings

    I feel so sorry for Mr. Little Soldier's loss…Just because that little buffalo was rare did not mean that he deserved to die in such a cruel manner, much less his mother…I hope they find the person responsible for this and punish them to the highest degree…This is disheartening to the native american culture and I cannot believe that such a sick person would do this to something so sacred and beautiful…

  14. Jolene Clement

    I am saddened and sickened by this cruelty and crime. This type of darkness is set to instill more darkness, anger, fear, and bitterness… which is opposite of the message of hope that the birth of the calf brought in. We must not let this darkness bring in more evil but must stay focused on the prophetic hope : "The white buffalo is considered a chance for all people to collectively focus their energy on the peaceful, healthy, harmonious world that the buffalo is urging us to create." The spirit of the white buffalo calf is still there and very strong now and this vision of love and harmony can still and I believe must win out." It is our choice. I send prayers of love, comfort, peace, and protection to the people who cared for him and to all of the peoples connected to him.

  15. Shelley Hearld VanHarten

    So sad. A crime .
    Truly a crime .

  16. Joanne Marie Denison

    This is indeed very sad and my heart goes out to all those that are American Indians/Natives and who believe in a collective religion of goodness, hope and peace. I hear the Indians talk of the sacred white buffalo with great love, respect, hope and kindness in their hearts.
    I do not wish this person ill, but karma that teaches them love and peace in the end. Perhaps a lifetime working in an animal shelter to save animals hard to save, that is the best solution.
    We always have to leave the lesson to the great spirit in the sky and I know She and He are always kind but effective. Peace and love to all you that understand this great lack of faith and humanity. Pray for the family and pray for those that would do such a thing. May they all be filled with peace and love.

  17. Terri Leinneweber

    Sandra Schaefer – I agree wholeheartedly that this was a hate crime. A crime of greed also probably. But hate more than greed, otherwise why kill the mother that bore the white buffalo calf, instead of just waiting around to see if you got another 1M cash infusion if another calf is born white? Killing the mother is definitely pure hate, imo.

  18. Joni Pinkney

    How did they know which buffaloes to kill and skin? Lightning Medicine Cloud was not white at the time; he was in his red color phase and looked much like any other buffalo. Also, how did they know which one was his mother? If you're not familiar with a herd, one buffalo looks pretty much like another, they're not like horses or domestic cattle where each has its own distinctive markings that are visible to an unpracticed eye.

    How did they get in there and kill and skin two buffallos without anyone knowing? Killing is messy, noisy business. Did the dogs bark? Did anyone hear anything?

    This is so strange, because whoever or whatever did this knew which ones to go after, and got in and out of there without anyone knowing. Very strange.

  19. Barbara Lynne Ridgeway-Germer

    I was horrified by the news, while I know I have Native American in me, I can't prove it yet. I love powwows and respect all our customs. I was so excited and thrilled when he was born, and know I mourn him, along with my whole family.I would like to ask if I may, can we visit the ranch, and if so can you tell me on what road it is in Greenville. I would like to pay my respects and wish the one from Oregon a long healthy life. Please let me know the address at May he walk the red road with his mother.

  20. Malcolm Gilbert

    Only a drop of Cherokee Blood but if I cought the SON-OF-A-Bitch that done this I would skin them alive and pour gas on them and burn them , this would be a lesson what would happen to the next one that wanted to do something like this. I am so sorry for you.

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