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Jennifer Aniston Wedding: Justin Theroux Postpones Engagement Indefinitely

Jennifer Aniston Marriage Justin Theroux

The 43-year-old actress, Jennifer Aniston, has called off her wedding with Justin Theroux after learning of her former husband’s wedding to Angelina Jolie.

Brad Pitt called Aniston to break the news in early April, The Enquirer reported. Subsequently, Theroux lashed out at Jen after she exhibited her obsession with Pitt as she broke down in tears upon receiving the news. Justin has been dating the “Friends” star for one year. An insider was quoted by portraying Theroux’s perspective as they stated:

“At that point, Justin said it would be best if they indefinitely postponed their wedding plans. He doesn’t want to be drawn any deeper into the twisted soap opera of Jen, Brad, and Angie.”

Jennifer Joanna Aniston, an American actress world renown for her role as Rachel Green on the popular television sitcom Friends, told the insider that she felt blindsided by 36-year-old Angelina. The insider was quoted having said:

“She wholeheartedly believes that Angie engineered the timing of the engagement announcement to Brad to get in another dig. Jen is more furious than heartbroken. She feels like she’s been stabbed in the back all over again, after enduring the pain of having Angie steal her husband seven years ago. Jen and Jus­tin’s marriage would have been THE wedding of the year, but Angie went and hijacked Jen’s spe­cial moment. NOW, Jen wants revenge!”

What are your thoughts on Justin Theroux’s decision to indefinitely postpone his engagement to Office Space actress Jennifer Aniston?

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22 Responses to “Jennifer Aniston Wedding: Justin Theroux Postpones Engagement Indefinitely”

  1. Daniela Mihai

    I hope they still can work out the problem and get married and is going to be the most wanted wedding of the year becouse people love her and her new boy friend , and we wish them the best and manny years togheter.

  2. Daniela Mihai

    sshe not suppose to answer Brad call, she suppose to ignore him, his stupid beeing with that angly woman , now he has 6 kids with her, let him be the one who take the bad years to came and she suppose to take care of her new guy who love her verry much and be happy for the rest of her life. Be smart Jen.

  3. Jan Sangster

    To put it bluntly…Justin should dump Jen. She can't and won't allow herself to move on. Therefore will never have a real relationship with anyone. She should seek some HELP for this. Too bad…

  4. Anonymous

    what Dale responded I am blown away that someone able to profit $5337 in 1 month on the internet. did you read this web page.


  5. Evie Horn

    you should seek help if you believe all the tabloids talk SHE DOES NOT CARE ,GET IT!

  6. Jan Sangster

    OOOOhhhh I didn't KNOW they made all this stuff UP…What was I thinking….oh duhhhhhh….

  7. Anonymous

    THIS IS NOT REAL! GO TO PEOPLE MAGAZINE THEY ARE THE ONES WITH THE REAL STORIES there is something wrong with you people if you honestly believe this garbage brad pitt is chasing jennifer aniston he's the one calling here names and all that after he found out she was engaged read people magazine I'm tellin ya its legit.

  8. Dialene Lysaght

    This is the stupidest story! I'm sure Jen Aniston has moved on YEARS ago! OMG people, give it up!

  9. Marian Parker

    I can't believe that all you folks think this garbage is true. this info is nothing but a bunch of lies. Please folks get a life and stop supporting the tabloids.

  10. Cheryl Wimbush

    whatever the case if I was Jen.. I would just BEAT Ang's a$$ for once & for all.. fkk Brad Pitt, he ain't worth the horse he rode in on….

  11. Evie Horn

    Jan Sangster, really then why say he should leave jen if you did not believe it duhhhh

  12. Barb Clark

    aniston get on with your life. I hardley think brad would phone you! for an ok. I honestley know he never even thinks about you, I mean you r history. LOOK AT YOU AND THEN LOOK AT THE BEAUTIFUL ANGELINA NO QUESTIONBRAD IS VERY, VERY DEEP IN love.MOVE ON WITH justin hes VERY VERY UGLY AND BONY SICK LOOKING…….

  13. Tofalvi Monika

    I think that Jennifer should be busy with being happy, since she is a gorgeous woman! If Brad was so silly that he didn't appreciated her, well, this is his decision. One thing is for sure: Jennifer is way better than Angie! Jennifer, you rock! :):*

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