Lizard Man South Carolina

Lizard Man In South Carolina: Is Lizard Man A Guy In A Costume Or A Mythical Creature? [Video]

Lizard Man has appeared in South Carolina once again, giving more evidence that there is something strange lurking in the woods. According to the Canada Journal, the “fabled” Lizard Man was spotted after about ten years, and he was caught on camera. While many believe that this is just a person dressed up in a lizard costume, there are others who believe that Lizard Man is some sort of mythical creature, not unlike Bigfoot.

“My hand to God, I am not making this up,” said a woman named Sarah, who snapped a photo of Lizard Man. After hearing her story, a man came forward with a video he says he took in May (above).

Lizard Man of South Carolina is quite the legend, but people who have spotted him truly do believe that he exists. According to dbTechno, Lizard Man is known to wander around the Bishopville area.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, people have become sort of obsessed with this creature (or this guy in a lizard suit), and many would love to solve the mystery.

“Plaster castings have reportedly been taken of the beast’s footprints, and rewards have been offered for its live capture, but sightings of the creature have declined in recent years.”

What do you think? Is Lizard Man a guy in a costume or a mythical creature?

[Photo via YouTube]