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Bakersfield Mega Millions Winners: Son Sued For Taking $51 Million Lottery Ticket From Mom

Etta May Urquhart, 76, has accused her son, Ronnie Orender, of taking her $51 million Mega Millions lottery ticket, and then using the money to rack up expensive charges as he purchased homes and cars.

Ronnie, a truck driver prior to cashing in the multimillion dollar Mega Millions lotto ticket, is currently in a legal dispute with his mother, Etta, in regards to who owns the lottery ticket. The mother has admitted to allowing her son to sign the ticket, as she was too overwhelmed with emotions to sign it herself. Y! News reported that the lawsuit, filed last week in California state court, alleges:

“Lottery officials requested the winning ticket be signed. Etta May was overcome with emotions, she could barely talk and her body shaking badly. Given her condition, Etta May asked Orender to sign the ticket on her behalf.”

Turns out, instead of signing Urquhart’s name, Orender “signed the winning ticket in his own name and not on behalf of Etta May,” the lawsuit indicated.

After signing the ticket, Ronnie suggested to his mother that due to the “magnitude of the situation, and the likely attention and pressures” from strangers, friends, and family, Etta should “tell others that she bought the ticket for Orender.”

According to the lawsuit, she agreed to the plan. Orender decided upon a lump sum cash payment of $32.2 million. A statement from last year’s Mega Millions said that he was going to:

“Take care of his parents and other family as well.”

Bob Urquhart, Ronnie’s stepfather joked at the time:

“We’re going to spend it.”

The lawsuit alleges that Orender invested the winnings by acquiring four homes in Bakersfield, California, and now collects monthly income. In addition to the $2.3 million he dropped on the four houses, he also bought 10 vehicles and gave “cash gifts of several hundred thousands of dollars.”

Who do you think has the rightful claim to the $51 million lottery ticket prize, Etta May Urquhart or her son Ronnie Orender?

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