Kristen Stewart all smiles on Jay Leno

Kristen Stewart Hits Up Jay Leno, Talks Snow White, Sticky Hands And Swag

It should be obvious by now that as far as leading ladies go, Kristen Stewart is the hottest ticket in town. After recently wrapping additional shots for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2, her next professional port of call was a chat with Jimmy Kimmel. And last night she dropped in on ‘The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.’

Radiating health and looking almost indecently happy, Kristen opted for designer casual. Teaming natural-look wavy hair with a Rebecca Minkoff “Becky” in burnt orange, white Dolce and Gabbana James Dean T-shirt, skinny leather J-Brands and flats, the petite star was greeted by fans when she arrived and more had gathered by the time she left.

Walking out onto Leno’s set with a discernible limp after being introduced as a “kick-ass Snow White”, Kristen explained somewhat bashfully that she “wasn’t trying to have, like, ultimate swag” but had actually hurt her foot in Vancouver. A revelation that made more sense when Kristen told Leno the BD2 recall involved more “first hunt” shots because “we all wanted more of it.”

Laughing a little (OK a lot) as she answered a question about working with children, Kristen praised Mackenzie Foy (who plays ‘daughter’ Renesmee in Breaking Dawn – Part 2). But the “little chucky dolls” with “sticky hands” touching her face”? Not so much.

Opening up briefly about a childhood spent growing up “on a movie set” (mother Jules was a script supervisor, now director, while her father John works in production), and the parents who “made it possible” for her to get started in the business, this hugely successful actress rather modestly said her career was basically a product of “things stumbling together.”

Refreshingly, when asked if her recent crowning as [Glamour UK’s ‘ Best Dressed woman’] made her feel pressured when she spent time filming Snow White and The Huntsman in “chic” London, Kristen kept it real, mono-answering “No.” Saying she felt “stuck to California, young”, the 22 year-old’s relationship with fashion- despite Balenciaga, Stella McCartney,Paris and her recent ELLE UK cover – seems an intentionally non-intense one.

As for filming on the Snow White set (which took place in London) to hear Kristen tell it, it wasn’t exactly a walk in the park. For the role of the iconic heroine, riding a horse was a must and – as the actress more than implied with her “fire you” comment – seemingly a non-negotiable one.

“I rode once, I hurt myself though” she said. Pushing herself to get ‘horse-capable’ because she “wanted this so much” the Cali native said she preferred to feed apples to horses, rather than instruct them. “I don’t want to kick it in the ass, and say faster … it’s not my thing.”

A clip shown on the show of Kristen (as Snow White) facing down a super-troll suggests that, in the fantasy world at least, she’s entirely capable of holding her own.Jokingly describing SWATH as a “total chick flick” but ” in a great way,” it’s kinda cool she doesn’t feel the need to shout ‘hey-I’m-the-new-Milla-Jojovich-folks!’

Kristen Stewart is Snow White

Maybe that’s because Kristen Stewart’s too busy being, well, busy. Even before she hits the red carpet with Garrett Hedlund, Sam Clafin, Kirsten Dunst, Viggo Mortensen, Danny Morgan and Sam Riley when her other forthcoming film On The Road premieres on May 23 at the Cannes Film Festival – Kristen’s promo diary pretty much runneth over.

Rumored to be making an appearance at the Costume Institute Gala on May 7– also known as the Met Ball– held at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art; on May 8 Kristen and her SWATH co-stars Charlize Theron, Chris Hemsworth and Sam Claflin will drop in on MTV for a Q and A with Josh Horowitz.

May 9 will see Kristen join Theron in Paris for the start of a press junket before the world premiere of the dark, fairytale epic in London on May 14, and Madrid three days later. Then, Cannes. By anyone’s standards that’s some schedule. But as Kristen said recently; for her acting is “a physical thing,” a love that moves and fuels her “like nothing else in my life.”

When you’ve got that, who needs swag?

New Clip from Snow White and The Huntsman