exorcism in Texas park

Exorcism Caught On Camera At Texas Park: Police Called To Scene Say Exorcism Is Not Illegal [Video]

Police were called to the Memorial Gardens Park in Odessa, Texas, after frightened park-goers reported an apparent exorcism happening near the duck pond. Police arrived to the scene but noted that no arrests were made as exorcism is not illegal and no one was hurt.

In the video, which was taken on a witness’ cell phone, you can see a male and female standing over a woman lying on the ground near the park’s duck pond. The female “exorcist” has her hand on the possibly demon-possessed woman’s forehead as she tells the demon to “leave now” and to never return.

“Leave now! I cast you out to the depths of the sea to burn and never return.”

The New York Daily News notes that witnesses found the whole ordeal bizarre.

“She was on the ground and they were standing over her with hands on her and screaming ‘Satan, I demand that you depart’, and it went on and on and on, but it was very bizarre!”

Another witness who was in the park reading her Bible says that she believes in the healing power of Jesus but that it isn’t something you expect to witness sitting next to the duck pond.

“Jesus can heal anybody but it’s just not something you expect to see on the duckpond, but I’m glad to know that everybody’s okay.”

Some witnesses were frightened by the exorcism in the park and called police. However, police noted that it was not illegal to perform an exorcism, even in public, and that no one was harmed. Therefore, no arrests were made in the strange case.

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