Roddy Piper Twitter Number One

Roddy Piper Twitter Trend: Wrestling Stars, Fans Respond To Tragic News

The Roddy Piper Twitter trend was number one on the popular social networking platform after news broke of the wrestling legend’s death on Friday.

The Inquisitr reports that Piper died in his sleep from cardiac arrest, leaving colleagues, wrestling stars, and wrestling fans reeling from a year that has included the death of “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes and the shocking racist remarks of Hulk Hogan.

The news is particularly surprising since Piper even issued a comment this week on the Hogan scandal, telling TMZ that fans should give Hogan a break.

According to the official Roddy Piper Twitter account, he was even set to appear on the Earl Skakel podcast on the day he died. In fact, Skakel was one of the first to issue a tweet on the surreal experience of having such a close friend unexpectedly die.

It didn’t take long for many personalities in the wrestling world (and the horror movie world), who’ve worked with Piper in the past, to also weigh in.

And wrestling fans, here’s a bit of the master at work in his prime.

Recently, Piper was also in the news for a skirmish he was having with another WWE legend, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, whom he blamed for getting a show removed from PodcastOne.

Austin has yet to respond to Piper’s passing, but we will update when he does.

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